Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Friday

I'm still calling this Random Friday because I started writing it just before I dumped an entire mug of hot chocolate in my laptop and drowned the keyboard. That tends to take the wind out of your blogging sails. I've been working on this, therefore, for three days.

So, yeah. Stood up to help Number Two pull her hood out. The dining room carpet is thick and the chairs don't slide on it, so when I pushed on the chair, it didn't move. I did. I ended up leaning forward just enough to tip the mug with my heavy winter shirt. I didn't even feel it, just heard it clunk.

The good news is, I found another keyboard for about $24 and it's already on its way. The liquid didn't seem to get into the laptop itself. The bad news is, one of the screws holding the plate down over the laptop connector was tightened by Big Strong Man, and we can't get it off. It's now partially stripped. Stay tuned for the finale of that saga sometime next week.


We have officially reached that time of year when I want to renovate my bathroom. Tear out everything in the master bath and the teeny room labeled "Daddy's Room" that's off our bedroom. Combine the two and install a gigantic tub. A tub that will allow me to immerse myself in hot water, from toes to chin, without, you know, half my body sticking out the top and my knees pushed up to my chin and my neck totally torqued.

I'm tired of being cold. Already.



Friday night I watched The Christmas Cottage, the Thomas Kinkade movie. It had a fabulous cast, good acting, and nice individual scenes, but it was very slow and self-important. That sense was intensified when I watched the behind-the-scenes stuff. Thomas Kinkade seems like a very nice guy, but I'm always suspicious when someone says, "I have some great ideas for movies from my own life." He and the director acted like they were making a hugely significant, high-impact film that in actuality, didn't go anywhere that a thousand movies before it haven't gone.

However, I didn't get so bored I wanted to turn it off, and it made me cry at the end, a few times, so it was definitely worth the rental fee. As for Jared Padalecki, he made me forget about Sam, except a few times when he had an expression that's all Jared.

Next up was Bolt with Number Two, which was fun and funny, with a cute, well-executed premise. As all the reviewers said, the pigeons were awesome (Number Two couldn't stop giggling).

And finally I braved the teenager-fest and took Number One and her friend to see Twilight. I went in to this with a huge dose of cynicism, after seeing the trailer and reading interviews with Robert Pattinson. I expected high melodrama, and there was some, but not as much or as bad as it could have been. The casting was pretty good. The guy who played Jasper was the worst actor of all of them, and that made me feel bad for him. He looked terrified all the time, when he didn't look constipated. Luckily, he didn't have much to do. Charlie wasn't at all as I pictured him, but he did the job well, conveying the spirit of Bella's dad, if not the image. Everyone else was spot on.

Unfortunately, Robert Pattinson was pretty inconsistent. He did fine with general interaction, but when he had to convey intensity and struggle by itself, it was with wide-open eyes and flared nostrils instead of emotion. He made the crowd laugh at the wrong times, especially when he first encountered Bella. And his hair was just ridiculous.

But it was a good enough performance that I think he'll develop through the next three movies.

Story-wise, I thought they did a great job. Number One said she kept up a constant stream of criticism for what they got wrong (the color of Edward's rug, for cripe's sake!), but I read it the book long enough ago that only the bigger things mattered to me. Two scenes were absolutely perfect--the car/ice rescue, and the baseball game.

All in all, it earned the highest compliment I can give a movie adaptation--it made me want to read the book again.


My NaNo words are trickling out. I'll make the NaNo goal, but it will be down to the wire. I have to spend all day tomorrow on a read-through of a previous book, then get started with revisions on that, so the NaNo book will suffer. Which is okay, actually, because it sucks. But that's to worry about later.


Trying to think of what else I planned to say...I'm behind on all my TV watching, so my Sci Fi Chicks reviews are suffering. And...



The Supernatural Convention will be coming to Cherry Hill, NJ, in March. That's two freaking hours away from me. And guess what?


It's my birthday present, and I am giddy with joy. The only confirmed guest is Jared Padalecki, but if he was the only one I got to see/touch/listen to/get my picture with, it would be worth it. I promised my autograph to Number One, since she's all ticked that I'm not taking her. Honestly, she doesn't need to see her mother being all fangirl. Not like that, anyway.

So thank you, Megan, for jumping all over this, and thank you, J, for being the best husband in the world, and thank you, JPad, for being so amazingly willing to put yourself out there for the fans. I am full of love for everyone.

Who else will be there? Gail? That's close for you, too!


Trish Milburn said...

I am SOOOO jealous. You know I'm a Sammy fangirl.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I know. You and Mary should come! Tell your husbands it's an inspirational writing retreat. :) You both work hard and deserve this kind of thing!

MaryF said...

LOLOL!!!! I WISH!!!! Wouldn't that be so much fun????

I agree with your assessment of The Christmas Cottage, though I got kinda bored in the middle....

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

It would be tremendous fun! I want ALL my SPN-fan friends to go. I can't fully enjoy myself knowing some of the people who love the show as much as me can't be there.