Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Are Being Taken Over...

By the Disney Channel.

Seriously. Who thinks the tweener demographic makes up most of the audience watching Dallas slaughter the Seahawks? Someone does, since they had Demi Lovato sing the anthem and the Jonas Brothers do the halftime show. If you recognize those names, there is a 93% chance you have tweener children.

Give me Nickelback, or David Cook, or hell, even one of the Lacheys. Enough with these overly made-up teenyboppers with their manufactured images and questionable talent. (Note: My 13-year-old stole the Neo to write on and read this, and told me she totally agrees. \o/)

So as you can see from my word meters to the right (or here if you're reading this at LJ or MySpace), I completed my read-through of Under the Moon. While I wait to discuss my revision suggestions with my agent, I've worked a little more on Heavy Metal for NaNo. I'm pushing through to 50k, but the story is so all over the place and boring that I really need to go back to the beginning and run through it. A couple of major issues to address: Roxie's abilities and the bad guy's big plan. Until I know that last one, I'm just kind of running in circles.

But after Monday, that probably will get set aside for a while. First, because I have several books I need to work on ahead of it. More importantly, because it's a sequel to a book that hasn't been submitted yet, never mind sold. So. My plan:

1. Revise Under the Moon until it's ready for submission
2. Process critiques for Hummingbird and prep for agent review
3. Revise Fight or Flight again, if Agent Awesome so decrees
4. Do first round of revisions for More Than You Know and submit to critique partners
5. Finish Zoe WIP

That's at least a good six months of work, probably a lot more. Kind of overwhelming when I look at it all at once, and it makes me chaff at doing anything that's not writing.

Um. Like blogging. So...yeah...I'm gonna go back over to file 5 and get back to work.


MaryF said...

The not knowing the big plan for the bad guy sounds JUST like me! Good luck with all that. I have my writing planned until summer break if that makes you feel better.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm a flier, so it's nothing new for me to not know in advance, but this book...I'm really floundering.

It does make me feel better, a little. :) You always have tons of stuff planned out!

MaryF said...

I know just what you mean. When my next big plot point comes, I don't know what will happen next! Argh.