Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally, My Thoughts on "Lucifer Rising"

Because I know you were all hanging out here with bated breath waiting. LOL

Stuff that's mostly response to other people's stuff:

I did not take Azazel's words literally. I was kind of surprised to see so many recaps state that he was Lucifer's son. But remember back in "Sin City," the demon talked about Lucifer as someone to have faith in, much like God is to humans (and angels). I took Azazel to be calling Lucifer his father in a worshipful manner, just like people refer to God.

Many people are having a hard time with the depiction of certain angels. I'm thinking Uriel's and Zachariah's performances (well, Robert's and Kurt's performances) are just so powerful, they feel bigger. But really, of all the angels we've met, two are on our side, two don't care about humanity. That's even. Plus, all the angels Uriel killed were unwilling to join his plan.

As for that is it any different from war in real life? The only difference I see is that the world leaders who engage in war pay lip service to caring about the people who actually put their lives on the line and die for the effort. Zachariah doesn't pretend to care about humans. He wants what he wants. I think it's a very deft metaphor, intentional or not.

Pop culture references... I can buy Zachariah figuring out what might appeal to a guy he wants to keep compliant, plus, he's got psychic ability, so some unimportant stuff is going to leak in there. Upper management always has time on its hands once it's done delegating--he probably tuned in to Gladiator one night when he was bored. Likewise, we know Dean soaks up late night TV, and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody seems to be on 24/7. I can totally picture Dean flipping around, pausing, and being unable to look away in horror.

The idea of God being in absentia is intriguing, and keeps drawing me back to the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony. I read it at a crucial time in my spiritual development, and Supernatural is echoing some themes the Incarnations addresses. Megan thinks God is actually orchestrating everything, just from afar, and no one knows that he's involved, which is also a theory I can get behind.

Some people also seem to think Dean left that message that Sam heard. One write-up said he'd left it before he left the one we saw him leave, but no way Dean went that far. Plus, look at Ruby. How would she know what Sam was hearing, if she hadn't had something to do with it?

I thought Castiel was going to offer angel blood for Dean, for a moment, and in that instant, it was one of those "OMG that's perfect symmetry" moments. But of course, thinking about it, Dean would never have done it. Or, not easily. Woulda been hot, though. *stares into space*

Where was I? Oh. Right. Finale.

The "why it had to be Sam" thing seems pretty clear to me. It wasn't, like, destined that he'd be the one. He just came out on top all the way through the journey. Azazel was still setting up kids even after Sam and his "kind" were maturing and coming into their powers (remember Rosie?). Plus, he didn't have the Colt. He needed the most powerful kid AND the Colt, and that came together with Jake. Jake was the one who let Lilith out of Hell. But Sam killed him, so he couldn't go on to the end game, and Sam was the last one available. They had all the pieces lined up: Lilith out and breaking seals, and one guy with the demon-created ability to kill her and free Lucifer. That's why it had to be Sam.

The only thing I'm uncertain of is the archangel. Is he coming after Castiel because he somehow thinks Cas is a threat to Chuck? I don't know why, because they didn't threaten him. Or, did Chuck aiding and abetting the disobedient twosome render his prophet status null and void, and the archangel was coming after all who'd violated that? Whose side is the archangel on?

I can't wait to see what the aftermath of that confrontation was.

Ruby, ah, Ruby. I always like the characters who defy the "rules," even the self-imposed rules of a contained world like in Supernatural. So I'd hoped Ruby was at least partly good. That she somehow cared about the boys, or at least Sam, even though I was pretty sure her end goal was very self-serving. By the end of LR, though, I wanted her gone. Stabbed in the gut by Dean while Sam held her in place. Well how about that! That's what I got! LOL

In just a few seconds, they made it right. It's not right, of course. Dean broke the first seal, Sam broke the second, they've got a lot to atone for, even if just in their own minds. They fought, and meant it. It can't be glossed over, so the journey "back" (I put that in quotes because it's really a journey to better, not back, they can never go back) will be a long, hard one. But they had one important moment of working together, of apology and acceptance, of being side by side, touching, bridging the chasm, and facing the evil together. It was perfect.

I'll save speculation about next season for another post. But man, I can't wait.

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