Friday, May 01, 2009

No, She Wasn't

(Spoilers for last night. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you don't care anyway. LOL)

Everyone is saying that when Jimmy's wife went off screen for a few seconds and came running back with a blanket (or whatever), that's when she was possessed. Immediately.

I say no she wasn't.

I'm not saying all those who believe she was are wrong. I'm just deliberately choosing to disagree.

First, the whole thing was heartbreaking enough. I can't stand the idea that the scene at the car wasn't real. So that's the illogical, emotional reason I say no, she wasn't.

Logistically, it doesn't quite fit, either. This episode wasn't flawless with the details. There were a few little things that didn't work. But five seconds isn't quite enough, especially when the black smoke would have had to enter her--the guys would have noticed that. Doesn't it make more sense that it happened as they drove away? I don't think we actually have her off screen, but there could have been a moment between leaving in the Impala and while they waited for Sam to do the hotwiring when she was out of view for it to happen.

If she did it right away, why wouldn't she just grab the kid again? Why go to all the trouble of letting them drive away, then calling them back? Doing so gave her time to call a couple of goon!demons to help, sure, but it also gave her a long time to try to fool three guys who are very attuned to demon possession. That's a big risk when you're trying to bide your time.

Oh, and why didn't the boys give her an anti-possession amulet? That frustrated me.

That's all I'm going to talk about here. I have really long comments on Trish's excellent recap/discussion at Supernatural Sisters, so head on over and join in! There is much angst, for sure.


Victoria said...

Hmmm....You're right about the scene at the car. I want it to be real too and it couldn't if she had a demon in her. So...
You know, I had problems with Jimmy's wife anyway. He stuck his hand in a pot of boiling water, with absolutely no injury and she still insists he's nuts. I know it's a lot to deal with, but considering their faith...
I wanted to smack her and I'm sure I'll feel the same after watching it again. Though, part of me wonders why she wasn't given some kind of divine sign...or something to help her find the faith she needed to get through it. Then again...

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Well, *he* had faith, she might not have had it like him. She might just have had the trappings.

Mary suggested the pills she tried to give him were old ones, that he'd been having psychological problems in the past, which I think would explain a lot.

As for the water, some people prefer to be blind, to pass it off as something that didn't really happen, because they can't believe in the extraordinary.

And is something we're supposed to have without signs or proof, and she wasn't really important to what Cas needed to do, so I don't think he cared if she got through it or not.

Victoria said...

Yeah, I think if the pills were from the past they would explain a lot. Who knows what he could have potentially put her through before sticking his hand in a pot of boiling water. While it is hard to ignore, if he was one car shy of the crazy train in the past, she might just be so scared of a repeat occurence of some illness that it wouldn't have mattered what happened.
You're right about it not being necessary that she have faith. Though I can't help but want a happy ending to their story. I wonder what would have happened if Jimmy had asked for a way to help his wife understand and believe, but that's me just going off the deep end.
Being a vessel might have the potential to make you a little on the eccentric side, so the more I think about it the more I wonder what Jimmy was like before he became Cass.