Friday, May 29, 2009

Wrapping Up the Season

I just did my first writing since I got back from the retreat. I know! Lazy bum. Well, not really. But I finally found time to focus.

The weather isn't really helping with that. I think I've said here how annoyed I get when people claim cold weather is evidence against global warming, and I argue that the planet doesn't just uniformly get warmer, it's an average increase, and it causes instability. Well, man, have we got that this spring!

The long weekend was beautiful. Got a little hot. Ran the A/C all weekend. Tuesday dawned 30 degrees cooler. Number One complained of the cold on Wednesday morning, so I let her turn the heat back on. I wore a friggin' sweater to work yesterday, and was glad I did, because though they predicted 73 degrees, it never really got above 60. Last night and this afternoon we had thunderous storms that made me fear for my basement, as the unclogged gutters were overwhelmed by sheer volume. Thunderstorms! In May! An hour after that, Number Two and I were outside in shorts playing ladderball in the sun. Totally schizophrenic, and it makes me afraid.

Anyway. The season I'm REALLY here to talk about is the TV season, though it essentially ended two weeks ago. I can't let it pass without my thoughts.

I was really glad that Castle and Dollhouse got renewed. Castle's cliffhanger wasn't that huge as cliffhangers go, but I have to have answers. Plus, the show got better and better as it went, and I'm glad ABC is, uncharacteristically, giving it time to grow. Gladder that I get to keep watching Nathan Fillion. :)

Dollhouse didn't grab most people, but I find the intertwining elements so dang intriguing, I can't wait to see what happens next. What compels me the most is how someone like Ballard can get drawn in, when he was so against it in the beginning. And his decision to get November/Katie released instead of Caroline was heartwarming. I was happy for her, and it was good for us moralizing fans to see that she remembered nothing, was fully accepting of her decision to give them the time and her body/brain to use. You could tell, though, that she didn't get what she wanted out of it. For her, no time had passed. Therefore, there was no easing of the grief that had driven her there in the first place.

The Mentalist surprised me, that they took us so close to Red John. It will be interesting to see if they get us closer next year, or resolve it. Stuff like that dragged over more than two years gets boggy.

The Numb3rs finale was awesome. It trumps the other awesome Numb3rs finale, when Colby was revealed to be a traitor, only because of the ending, which I totally called and was soooo happy to see them follow through with.

Let's see, what else? Glad Chuck got a pickup--of sorts--because of the gamechanger with the new intersect. Chuck's decision and new skills bring a new maturity and open up a huge range of possibilities. Disappointed that we have to wait so long, even more over the few episodes it gets, but oh, well.

OH. LOST! How could I forget that one? I'm so pissed about Juliet, but I have no idea where they're going next and I can. not. wait. for next season. Of course, that's a killer wait, too.

There are a few new shows that look worth trying (Glee was awesome, looking forward to that one; Vampire Diaries I have to try for some reason) but I'll have a lot less on my slate in the fall.

In the meantime, I'll finish up Harper's Island and wait eagerly for the return of Eureka and Leverage and premiere of Royal Pains, because I like Mark Feurstein.

What will you be doing with your free time this summer?


MJFredrick said...

When is Leverage coming back? Burn Notice starts this week again. They're having a big marathon building up to it. We love that show.

LOVED Lost's finale. LOVED. 9 months to wait, though....

Happy about Castle. VERY happy. Don't care about Dollhouse as much, but will still watch.

And I hope to read more this summer! Read/write/revise are my summer plans, and not in that order!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm pretty sure Leverage returns in July, but TNT's site doesn't give a date. :(

I plan to read more this summer, too! And write! And revise! We should be summer goal buddies or something. LOL