Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dogs and Cats Living Together...

J thought it would be funny for me to blog about how I have nothing to say, but when has he ever known that to be the case? Sheesh.

It's snowing today, the kind of snow I like to live up north for. The kind that muffles everything, makes the outdoors the kind of peaceful place people climb mountains to find, but here it is, in the middle of the suburbs. It's powdery and light, but moist enough to pack. Perfect skiing snow, if I still skied, which I don't partly because it's expensive, partly because I love it and am so out of shape, the humiliation of falling and fatigue would ruin it for me. So maybe next year.

Last night I was watching Heroes and the news teaser said they were going to talk about the early Daylight Savings Time change (it's three weeks early and one week late this year) and how it will wreak havoc on our computers and cell phones and PDAs.

I scoffed, but just to be sure, I went online afterward and looked up some news stories. They were mainly doom and gloom, or at least trying to be. "Disasters of Y2K proportions."

Um...yyyeeaaahhhh. I remember that disaster. The one that didn't happen.

The articles talked about how companies would lose an average of $50,000 in productivity and fixes for this situation. Because apparently, corporate America has forgotten how to use a watch.

Seriously, the reporters stated flat out that if their PDAs aren't fixed, they will miss appointments and flights and stuff. Because not only do they not have watches, they will go an entire day not realizing they're on the wrong time. (Daylight Savings starts on Sunday; most business won't be conducted until Monday.)


So I was scoffing and joking and being a general snot, and figured it would be hilarious if, after that, it wasn't as simple as manually changing my clock settings on Sunday. One article had the URLs for Apple and Microsoft to obtain fixes if you have an older computer (i.e. without Windows Vista or one manufactured after Congress decided to change the date of the time switch).

Guess what? I already had the patch. Seems Microsoft can think ahead. And now that I was told I was all set, I vaguely remember the patch being a part of my March 1st automatic software updates (which I always look at before I download).

It probably surprises no one that my Mac laptop is all up to date, too.

Someday I will cease to be amused by the intense need for the media to overdramatize and sinisterize any little piece of news.

Today is not that day.

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