Friday, March 09, 2007

The Top Shelf of my TBR Pile

Eragon, Christopher Paolini
A gift from someone who got two copies

Something About Cecily, Karen Kendall
The Parting Glass, Emilie Richards
I got these as freebies in the Doubleday Book Club and haven't gotten around to reading them yet.

Die in Plain Sight, Elizabeth Lowell
Lover's Lane, Jill Marie Landis
I think I got both of these at National, two different ones, probably.

No Regrets, Shannon K. Butcher
I bought this because when I asked Deidre Knight if single title adventure romance was doing okay even if Bombshell wasn't, Nephele Tempest had just sold this book at auction. Deidre said it's like Suzanne Brockmann, who is one of my favorite authors, so here it is.

Summer Island, Kristin Hannah
Not sure where I got this one. Might have been free at National. I don't read a lot of this kind of book.

Seal Island, Kate Brallier
One of the early Tor Paranormal Romances, and loaned to me by a friend.

Ghostlight, Marion Zimmer Bradley
I bought this when my agent had recommended I try writing a fantasy for Luna. I was looking to see what was out there that might be like what I would write. I don't know why I never read it.

The More I See, Lisa Mondello
This book is by one of my best friends. She doesn't read this blog, or I wouldn't admit it's still on the TBR pile. I started it but wasn't in the mood at the time for this kind of book.

Causing Havoc, Lori Foster
Purchased for a stupid reason. Her book trailer started with "Everything about Dean was hard." I couldn't pass up a book about Dean. :)

Death Masks, Jim Butcher
Blood Rites, Jim Butcher
I've been slowly working my way through his series. I love it, but can only handle one or two books at a time. Dark matter, light tone, an excellent combination.

Dirty Little Lies, Julie Leto
Playing With Fire, Gena Showalter
These were birthday and/or Christmas gifts purchased off my Amazon wish list that I have not yet gotten to because everything was shoved where it fit on the shelf, and I'm reading top-down now.

If your book isn't on this list and you feel it should be, rest assured--I probably either already read it, or it's among the 55 books on the lower shelves.

Horrors! I only have 70 books on my TBR pile! That's the lowest it's been in six years.

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