Friday, March 16, 2007

Supernatural Friday

Let's see if I can come up with something new to say about Supernatural, besides the usual gushing.

I love that the expected resolution often comes only 45 minutes into the show (like salting and burning the bones of the bad spirit and saving the victim) and leaves us wondering what twisty goodness we have in store. Or what brotherly goodness.

I love that even with all the broad and specific hints they give us in the "then" portion, I don't see it coming.

I love that even a non-mythology episode has references to the mythology--even when it doesn't.

I didn't love that when Sam was tasked to watch out for Molly, he let her stand next to a window, with her back to it, and moved away from her so the bad guy could grab her.

I did love that Sam and Dean were back to their normal relationship after the tension in Tall Tales and, before that, the stress of Born Under a Bad Sign.

It was very cool that they messed up the usual order and stuck us in medias res at the beginning of the show, and even cooler that for once (maybe the first time ever!) Sam got to dig up the body (awfully shallow grave, that) and salt and burn the bones while Dean tried to save the girl. Dean's been ending up crumpled against the wall an awful lot lately, though. Poor Dean.

I've been allowing myself to be spoilered by my desperate need for anything Supernatural, especially in hiatus time, but I love it when they surprise me anyway. Didn't figure it out until after Molly spotted David (though before they told her the truth). Probably makes me look dumb, with all the hints in the opening montage and the way they talked to her and everything. But I'm happier for it.

I think Tricia Helfer is the best guest star they've ever had. I loved Ava, but Tricia tops her by just a little. What a good actress, and how well she fit in.

I was thinking about this "war" that's approaching. The YED isn't making out too well, is he? Max killed himself, Andy shot his brother and, when we last saw him, was untouched by the evil. Gordon killed the other guy, and Sam won't do the YED's bidding. The only one who seems like she'd serve the "army" is Ava.

Yeah, I've gone dark side on Ava. I think she was consciously working on the demon's side to help Sam not get killed by Gordon. I mean, Sam's no good to him dead, right? And she left with the demon after killing her fiancé. I don't want it to be true, but I suspect that's what we'll find out in the season finale.

Which I really, really don't want to see. I mean, of course I do, but it means four months with no show. That's depressing.

As I uploaded this, it occurred to me that of course we don't know who else the demon has on his side. We're taking Ash's word for it that only those people fit the criteria. And we already know someone in the roadhouse betrayed Sam. Ash seems most logical to me, and Ellen is in denial, trying to claim she knows a dozen hunters who could put it together--there is NO WAY anyone knows about Sam's visions without having been told or witnessing them, and even if they do know about them, how can they know about the rest? So I think a lot of Ash fangirls are in for it.

Last night's Google Alert for Supernatural included some big newspapers, which looked like they were favorable. I'm glad to see the show getting some publicity.


MJFredrick said...

I saw it coming from the beginning, but loved that it was mostly in Molly's POV. I also was excited to see what was coming after they salted and burned the farmer's bones.

I really hope you're wrong about Ava, though!

Victoria said...

I hope you're wrong about Ava as well, but have a feeling you're right!
And I agree with everything you said!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I liked it being in Molly's POV not only because it hid the twist, but because it gave a new dimension to the boys' usual business.

And I'm with you guys, I hope I'm wrong about Ava, too! LOL