Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Movie Moments I’d Watch Again and Again

1. The reunion kiss in Brokeback Mountain
More powerful emotion, I’ve rarely seen

2. X’s eyeblink when Dakota climbs on his lap in Devour
His vulnerability and confusion make my heart ache

3. "Get away from her, you bitch!!" in Aliens
Mother’s battle cry

4. Wesley and Inigo’s sword fight in Princess Bride
Cleverness and honor, with stunts

5. Trinity’s admission and Neo’s rise in The Matrix
Symbolic of the global truth, that love is at the root of everything worth fighting for

6. The exchange of swords, blood, and coin in Pirates of the Caribbean
I was pretty confused about the whole curse thing the first time I saw the movie, so the significance of this escaped me--except the beats of action and music were spot on

7. The Black Knight in The Holy Grail
One of the funniest sequences ever

8. Young Forrest running down the lane, his braces coming off, in Forrest Gump
Who hasn’t felt the need for that kind of freedom at some point in their lives?

9. Okay, I ran out of time and moments and if I don't post this now, I won't make Thursday. So...sorry! Feel free to add five more in the comments!

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MaryF said...

You saw Devour? Was it horrible?

OKay, mine - Two Weeks Notice, when Sandra Bullock has a stomach ache in traffic and Hugh Grant takes her out of a car and to an RV also stuck in traffic and pays them $1000 so she can use their restroom.

Speed - when Sandra and Keanu get off the bus.

The Two Towers - when Aragorn returns to Helms Deep and shoves through the doors to seek the king.

Independence Day - when Will Smith approaches the spacecraft he just shot down.

The Mummy - oh, so many....when Jonathan, Ardeth and Rick are hurrying to rescue Evie at Hamunaptra and Ardeth and Rick are pulling away boulders and Jonathan is looking on.

The opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Chicago - Cell Block Tango.

Supernatural - Sammy's Love Scene!!!!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Devour was not horrible. It was a little gorier than I generally like, and I didn't care for the ending, but overall it was okay. Jensen was great, and you must see it just for the eyeblink. :)

I love all the moments you named! I knew I had to do one from each LOTR movie, but didn't have time to narrow it down. LOL Will Smith when he was dragging the alien and yelling at it for smelling. Yeah, pretty much every scene in The Mummy. LOL

Now, Supernatural doesn't count! LOL It's not a movie!

Victoria said...

Okay. I'm game.
Return of the King - When Aragorn kisses Arwen at the end.
And when Sam goes after Rosie, even though we don't see anything but the looks on the others faces.
Robin Hood - the fight scene in the witches tower.
The Notebook - when Allie remembers her husband and they dance. (makes me cry)
Okay, that's only four, but my brain is tired!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Good ones! Except I never saw The Notebook.

You make me want to watch LOTR again...