Monday, March 12, 2007

Gimme Jake

A "friend" told me recently that I should watch Jake 2.0.

I thought she cared about me. I didn't know she takes glee in being an enabler.

I mean, I already watch way too much TV! And I already have deep caverns of despair in my soul over all the excellent shows that were so well done, yet were cast off, unlamented, by Stupid Network Suits. I really didn't need another one.

I don't know how this show didn't survive! Wait, yes I do. I just looked it up--it showed on UPN. What a shame.

Jake is the perfect hybrid hero. He's brainy and smart (two different things), a total geek who gains confidence and capability in every episode but retains his inherent geeky soul. And he looks good without his shirt! He is inherently good but that goodness leads him into trouble again and again.

The show was episodic enough to appeal to the networks' driving need for syndication ability, and had a diverse, solid supporting cast. Best of all, the plots were rich and meaty and clever, leaving the viewer feeling like they'd had an awesome meal without inducing headaches.

Luckily, the SciFi network is broadcasting the episodes, including the three never before aired, and you can all catch up! It's only sixteen eps! Not much investment at all!

I played hooky today and watched the last three that aired, and the final one was a heck of a cliffhanger. I'm so glad I wasn't watching when it was on TV, and doomed to be left not knowing what happened to Jake. I'll be finishing up tonight and I swear, if **** and ***** don't get ********, I'll be seriously p.o.'d.

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