Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Stuff

My father-in-law thought he was getting smart with me yesterday, telling me my quarterback had gotten his current girlfriend pregnant in addition to his former one. Besides the fact that it is apparently not true, it's old news! Her family vehemently refuted the report 10 days ago! Sheesh.

Last night I dreamt I was back in college. Unlike the usual stress dream, though, it was awesome. I already had my degree, so I could take any class I wanted without worrying about minimum requirements. I was naked at one point, but it wasn't a vulnerability thing. More of a power thing.

Jason Manns is leaving LA! If you're anywhere within, oh, let's say three hours of Dallas, you should go see him play this Saturday at the Suede Bar and Grill. Details are here. If you go, let me know how it is. So I can be incredibly jealous.

If you're in LA, he's also playing Sunday at LScorpion.

Have you heard of Scott Church? He's a talented local photographer (central PA) who does some pretty innovative stuff. He has a great eye for contrast and emotion. (Listen to me, like I know what I'm talking about. *grin*). Anyway, he posts some of his shots on his LJ, and he just posted one here that makes me ache. I'm so saving up for a print. I love that in addition to being talented, he's accessible. He'll do a print for anyone--you don't have to find him in an exclusive gallery you can't afford to shop in.

I hate letting a friend down. Or at least feeling like I have. It unsettles me for days, even if it's something relatively small in the grand scheme of our friendship. Saying the wrong thing, or failing to say the right one, is such a failure.

So far I've managed to stay unspoiled for this week's Supernatural.

Ha! That is such a lie. I knew weeks ago, maybe months ago, the basic premise and the Big Thing that was going to happen. But what I mean is, I have managed for three days to avoid watching the Director's Cuts at The CW. I need to stay strong--I want to delight in the revelations as they come, not whet my appetite four days ahead of schedule.

Next week is back to repeats. Dang it.

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