Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Goals Check, March

Let's get the worst out of the way, shall we?

Dining room is on hold while we do The Great Room Swap of 2007. Number 2 is moving into Number 1's room, and vice versa. Number 2 gets the loft and the cool sponge painting on the walls. Number 1 goes back to a twin bed and along the way gets new paint on the walls and a new rug. Which means lots of work ahead of us this weekend. The kids are off school Friday and Monday, J took off work, and we're tacking the whole damned thing at once.

Net loss = 3.4 lbs. At least it's not gain, is all I can say.

I read 13 books in March and am up to 27, which is only a book and a half shy of my goal so far. No TV in March, for the most part, contributed. So did getting to some really good books. Before March 19 I only had two tens on my list. In March I added four more, plus some 8s and 9s.

8261 new words in March, some from a synopsis, the rest during revisions. I expect to tighten rather than lengthen the next project, which is also revisions of a different book, so April will likely not add to the total. I have 91,329 for the year, which is 3800+ more than goal so far. May will be a whole new book and should add three months worth of words to the total. :)

I only skipped 2 days in March. I exercised 22 days in a row (my longest streak so far). I'm frustrated, though, because though I feel a little stronger (pushing more weight on the machines and feeling it a little bit in day-to-day activity), my aerobic status is the same. I get mildly winded running up the stairs, despite continuous treadmill use. >:(

And I've developed persistent tinnitus, which I blame on using headphones every day. Am I stopping using headphones? *scoffs* I can live just fine with slight hearing loss, as long as my eyes are okay. And exercise without Pottercast just won't happen.


Karmela said...

What happened on SN last night? I didn't watch.

Natalie Damschroder said...

It was a repeat of Hunted, the one where Gordon tries to kill Sam.

Next week, no SN at all, not even a repeat. The week after, new shows are back!