Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hott in Orange Jumpsuits

I never did get around to watching "Hollywood Babylon" again, but will just reiterate that I thought it was a classic episode, and I loved the inside jokes. The fandom kills me. When we have angsty episodes, they complain about all the angst and wanting the boys to be the way they used to be. When they're the way they used to be, they complain that they should be angsty. *shrugs* Oh, well, every episode can't be perfect.

So. "Folsom Prison Blues." Did I miss it or did we not get any Johnny Cash? Darn.

I admit, as the episode started, I was worried. Seemed like this premise was risky. Could be really, really full of plot holes. But as far as I can tell, they managed to stitch everything together pretty nicely.

I do hate when one of them says, "Let's go over this again." Necessary exposition is fine. I like when they tell us what they know by telling each other what they know. But don't telegraph it. It's like flashing a neon sign that says, "Clumsy! Clumsy!"

Speaking of clumsy, the workers' dialogue in the beginning was very much so. Like someone tacked it in because otherwise we wouldn't know what they were doing, opening up the old cell block. That could have been done better.

But that's just nitpicking.

They had solid reasons for doing this, a reasonable plan for getting out, most of the contingencies covered. They had me going back and forth about Deacon. I figured he had to be at risk, therefore in the prison, but I had pretty much decided that the guy he was, wasn't him. I like when they keep me off balance. I'm glad he survived. I really didn't want him to die, giving Dean more guilt to carry.

I like Hendricks. He's so certain he's right, and righteous, but you can also see that he agrees with the lawyer, something is hinky about it all. He has a grudging respect for the boys and their abilities.

I like the attorney, and wonder why she deliberately lied to the FBI on behalf of the brothers. I thought at first, when she came out to her car, that she was going to hook up with Deacon. It's still a possibility, and would also explain why she bothered going to the agent to say things were strange. Trying to support Sam and Dean more subtly, since she knew she wasn't going to have to actually defend them.

Sooooo many great lines in this.

"What, are you from Texas all of a sudden?" Works as an inside joke (both actors are from Texas) but also fits perfectly in context, so the inside joke isn't very winky.

My husband laughed out loud (rare for him) at "Donuts aren't love."

I can't remember them all. I definitely have to watch this one again.

Most importantly, though...OMG, Sam and Dean were hot! I mean, orange prison jumpsuits are flattering on NO ONE. I'm sorry, they didn't look good even on Sam and Dean. But because they're so ugly, and the white socks and boat shoes so damned dorky, that the beauty underneath seemed on prominent display. I caught my breath on many a two-shot and might actually seek out some screencaps on this one.

*sigh* Can't wait until next week. CAN'T. WAIT.


Victoria said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.
The only thing missing was some Johnny Cash background music!

I had no idea who Deacon was and I'm glad he didn't die. And I loved that the spirit wasn't the one they thought. And, well, everything.

Next week can't come soon enough!!

MaryF said...

I think Hendricks has some connection to Papa. I don't know why, but he knows more than he's letting on.

I didn't figure out Deacon, either. In fact, I was wracking my brain trying to remember if we'd ever met him in previous episodes, then they revealed him.

The dh accidentally deleted Hollywood Babylon before I could watch it again - he won't make the same mistake with this!

Trish Milburn said...

Hendricks is a bit like Mahone on Prison Break in that he's determined to take down our heroes, but there's something about the guy that makes you root for him too, something there that makes you think he could end up being on the heroes' side at some point.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Hear hear, V!

Mary, intriguing thought on Hendricks. I hope Deacon ends up being a recurring character like Bobby. Does your dh still have all his limbs?! LOL

I agree, Trish. A complex nemesis you can't hate, even though he's working 100% against our heroes.