Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Reasons I Love My Mini Boot Squad

1. They love me back.

2. The level of respect from one author to another, despite the range of experience, output, and success.

3. When they critique me, they all catch different things, and they all know how to critique well, never making me feel like an idiot.

4. When I'm an idiot, they make sure to point it out. Or at least agree with me when I point it out.

5. When we get together in person, the conversation never lags, and it gets very...interesting.

6. What's said at Boot Squad, stays at Boot Squad. Mostly. Unless we blog about it.

7. There are zero negative feelings of any kind.

8. Industry knowledge is wide-ranging and freely shared.

9. "These are a little stiffer than the...ah...others."

10. "I've thanked reviewers who've given me less than 10 damp panties."

11. "That's tingle-worthy."

12. "Aliens?!"

13. "I don't like nipples."

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