Monday, April 02, 2007

I Am the Biggest Dork

And not in a good, Jake 2.0, solid-muscle-under-the-scrawny-looking-computer-geekiness/ hot-doctor-behind-social-awkwardness kind of way.

For months, ever since I saw it, I thought this:


was an emoticon for shock. Like, making an "o" out of your mouth, maybe slapping your cheeks a la Home Alone.

It wasn't until someone accidentally typed a [o/ and, when they were asked what that was, they said it was Sam in his cast, did I realize it meant victory in all its permutations.

See? I'm a dork.


Misty said...

AHAHAHAHA! Although, I would have thought shock right along with you and victory never even entered my mind. Looks like the bottom half of the Scream painting to me.

April said...

What?!? I had no idea what that means either. I just ignore it and pretend I know. Thanks for sharing! Sad thing... Even after reading your post it took me a minute or two to get it! :-/

Natalie Damschroder said...

Yes, Misty, it DOES look like that! That's exactly what I picture when I see it, though I never really thought about what I was picturing.

LOL, April, it's my fault for being all stuffy with my "permutations" thing. I should have left it the original way I wrote it, something like... "did I realize it meant 'yay!' or 'yes!' or 'awesome!'"

Victoria said...

I'm a dork too!