Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fail. I Mean, Supernatural March Madness is Upon Us!

So on March 19, which isn't that long ago on the calendar, really, Gail mentioned that she wanted to do a Supernatural bracket tournament with the show's episodes, modeled on the NCAA. She asked me to pimp the tournament and I heartily agreed.

And I've failed.

I've had her LJ open on my browser for four days, and never had enough time to post about it here. So now I'm doing it, and it's kind of late.

But not TOO late!

She has the rules posted here, explaining how she set up the brackets, etc.

The schedule is here.

Since each poll is only open for two days...

Results for SPNA East, Round One

Results for SPNA South, Round One

As of right now, voting in SPNA West, Round One is still open (though the schedule says it closes/closed 3/23 a.m.).

As is SPNA Midwest, Round One. Hm. Maybe not. Maybe she's closing them AS I TYPE THIS. That would be weird.

ROUND TWO is definitely in play, as it opened today!

East is here.

South is here.

Have Fun!

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