Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking Forward to April!

The weather teased a little in the middle of the week, then promptly got cold and windy again. But I'm hopeful it will recognize that next week is APRIL and will accommodate. Just a little. High 60s is good. The only thing I hate more than the end of a season is skipping seasons.

But there's more to look forward to in April than weather:

A Better Car Situation

Getting the new car fixed, and also getting the old car serviced and detailed, just in time for...


The New England Chapter of RWA is holding their annual conference on the 11th and 12th. It's been two years since I've been to any kind of con, three (four?) since I hit this one. They always do a great job, and I'll be seeing one of my best friends. I plan to hook up with my cousin afterward, and stop by Patriots Place in Foxboro on my way home.

Almost more importantly...

The (Temporary) Return of Good TV!

I'm sooooo jonesing for a fix. The gap because of the strike was hard, but it made this gap even harder. I can't wait for Numb3rs, Scrubs, LOST, Samantha Who?, and, of course, Supernatural to come back. Even though it's for a (way too) short time, it's better than never!

April is also a launch into...

The Return of Good Movies

There have been a few things out recently that I wanted to see, but when the time came, I wasn't interested enough to actually leave the house. A few April movies change that: Leatherheads primarily, and definitely Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and a movie that JUST came to my attention: Street Kings. Dude! Keanu's back! It's been wayyy too long, and though the movie is the kind I usually just rent, it's also got Amaury Nolasco, so I might just head to the theater!

April also means soccer (Number One started this week and has two to three games a week through May! Number Two starts next weekend); my chapter meeting, at which I will do my Pirates Guide writing workshop; Number Two's birthday (and she never wants a party! I am so blessed); AND a Chippendales show. I've never been to one, only a knockoff called Men at Work, so I'm looking forward to that.

And you know what? May looks even better!

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