Sunday, March 09, 2008

Too Much Time

So today is that annoying day when we turn our clocks ahead an hour. I admit I'm not thrilled with the new timing. I like it lighter later, but not darker earlier. We just started walking to the bus stop in daylight when it gets dark again.

But regardless of when we do it, I realize the same thing every year: We have too damned many clocks.

Two in the master bedroom. Plus three or four watches, though those move rooms, especially if they are being worn.

One alarm clock and one computer clock in Number One's room.

One alarm clock, one computer clock, and one wall clock in Number Two's room.

One in the main bathroom, one in the Daddy's.

One in the living room, a wall-mounted grandfather clock that is usually not running because a) we forgot to rewind it, or b) Number One stopped it to play cello (the ticking messes up her timing) and never restarted it.

None in the dining room! Oh, wait. My laptop is usually on. That has a clock.

A ridiculous number in the kitchen: microwave, stove, and telephone/answering machine.

Three in my office. An Audubon bird clock that now sings the wrong songs at the wrong times, no matter how often I adjust it, and which will now be an hour off for seven-plus months because it's too much of a pain to rehang it. My computer clock, which resets itself but is often slow. And my little travel alarm. No, wait. Four, because my fax machine has a clock. So does my iPod. Five.

Two in the main family room: The VCR and a Cleveland Browns wall clock that is at least 15 years old, maybe 20. Then the clock over my husband's desk, and the clock on his computer.

Oh, we should add the other two iPods and three cell phones.

That's 31 friggin' timepieces in one house, for four people! No wonder we're always stressed! There's always something telling us how much time we don't have left.

And today, we have even less.

Okay, I know it's boring to read a list of clocks. You probably skimmed this post. But be honest--it made you think about how many you have, didn't it? Be honest.

How does your household compare to mine?

You know what? Let's make it fun. I'll give a free download of one of my books ('cause I don't have any paper copies left) to the person who posts the most number of clocks in the comments of one of my three blogs (I post this same post on Blogger, LJ, and MySpace). So give us the rundown!

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