Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mary "LOST" Me

In the comments to the last post, Mary said Locke must be #6, which reminded me I was thinking about some other things and then I just had to post them here, instead of just a really long comment there. :)

I agree with her that it seems to fit that Locke is the last of the Oceanic Six. But then that leads me to wonder how on earth it was decided who would go?

Sun is obvious. She'll die in three weeks if she's not off the island. (Which means they will be rescued in less than three weeks! They're jumped three island days between the last two episodes, so we might see that exodus this season. Finale, maybe.

Jack is also logical. He wants off, and if there could only be six, he'd feel he was the strongest candidate for getting back to them, to get the others.

Kate is not so logical. She knows she'll be arrested as soon as she's back to civilization. She's not even the best candidate for taking care of Aaron, assuming Claire couldn't. I can't imagine Claire letting her son go, and definitely not with Kate, who wouldn't even pick him up when he was fussing. Why wouldn't Claire want Sun to take Aaron, given that Kate would be on the run or going to jail? If Claire dies, why would ANYONE, including Kate, decide to give her Aaron?

It's all so delicious. LOL

Sayid's and Hurley's status as Oceanic Six make me think there's no "decision" made at all. Why would they go instead of letting some of the women or weaker men go? People who were desperate to get home. Like Juliet, or Desmond.

There's got to be some complicated situation going on that leads to the future we've been seeing. I can't imagine a mass death, and of course there's reference to going back, that they need them, so we know that's not likely.

The future timeline bothers me a little, too.

Sun's would have occurred about 7 months from now, maybe a little less, since she didn't seem to think she was in simple labor and was frightened about what was happening.

Hurley's would obviously be much further, after he'd deteriorated. Unless he'd deteriorated and then got better.

Ditto Jack. In Kate's future, Aaron looked about 2 years old, and he spoke pretty well. So did Jack have his drunk-beard issues before that, or after?

Going back to the island seems like it's going to take place waayyyy in the future. How long will that translate for those left behind?

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MaryF said...

Wow - my brain hurts from all that figuring ;)

I would love to see a timeline of the flashforwards! I would think they would all be in a pretty short span of time, because they're still well known as the Oceanic Six, and you know the attention span of people....