Monday, March 24, 2008

SPNA Update, Studio Diva, and TV Roundup

New rounds are open in the Supernatural March Madness tournament! That link will take you to the main journal. For voting, it's probably easiest to go to the schedule and see what's open and what's closed. But read all the posts to see which episodes have fallen by the wayside so far. (Nooooo, not "The Usual Suspects"!!!)

Have fun! I am, despite the Solomon-like choices with some of these.


Okay, all you readers out there? Get ready for some super fun! Make all your favorite authors jump through hoops to entertain YOU!

Check out The Romance Studio's Studio Diva (the second link takes you directly to the Studio Diva info), which will be ongoing from May through August. You can win some cool prizes, and so can the authors!

You can also be instrumental in directing the program. See how here.


As frustrated as I was with the AMPTP over the writers strike, I have to admit, the studios have done a fairly decent job managing the schedule. When Supernatural went off the air again, LOST was coming back. We got Jericho overlapping with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And now that LOST and Jericho are going away again, the first post-strike shows are starting to air.

Still, we're hitting a big lull, at least as far as the show I watch. I still have How I Met Your Mother and Miss Guided, but that's about it.

Some thoughts:

Miss Guided

I watched it 'cause Judy Greer is made of awesome and deserves her show to succeed, and it's very funny and sweet. The put-downs aren't overwhelming, there's balance, and the VP is hilarious. And the characters are more complex than the stereotypes they represent. The cute guy the protagonist loves actually deserves it!

Kyle XY

Overall, I really enjoyed the season. For those passionate fans who Google the show and find my comments, let me repeat: I really enjoyed the season. The overdone voiceover seemed to back off a little bit, or I got used to it and it stopped bothering me. The relationships were still the high point, even as the adventure aspect dropped a little. I especially loved Josh and Andy.

I have to admit, though, the finale left me cold. Okay, Lori and Declan I can live with, even though all my sympathies are with him. I can accept that not EVERY thread has to have a totally happy semi-ending. (I'd like Kyle and Declan to have more interaction then, m'kay? Thx.) The thing that bothered me the most, though, was Amanda's abduction. Foreshadowed heavily, all very dramatic and duhn duhn DUHHHHHN!, but pretty stupid.

Theory 1 (the one I first thought when the show aired)

Latnock says, "It's time to introduce ourselves to Kyle" and then kidnaps his girlfriend? To what ends? First, you see if someone is willing to do what you want them to do. Then, if they aren't, you threaten something you hold dear. If they waver but don't give in, you threaten harder. Last option is to actually follow through on the threat. It's called escalation.

Theory 2 (the one I just thought of, that makes more sense but not much)

Brian loses his creation, is told to go away, and instead of doing so, lashes out by taking away something Kyle holds dear. More logical because there's at least some motivation behind the action. But still, to what ends? What does Brian hope to get by abducting Amanda? It won't bring Jessi back, Kyle doesn't know where she's going. It won't get him in good again with Latnock. If Adam is right about who they are, they'll be appalled. Even if Sarah's more right about them, they aren't likely to appreciate a stranger being pulled into their politics and their secrecy revealed.

Theory 3 (in the interest of completeness)

Someone else entirely?

Regardless, I'm interested in seeing the premiere of the next season and finding out who did it and why. And how Kyle will handle it, as it causes him a dozen different problems.


So despite fans' best efforts, this show isn't going to make it. I'm a little sad, but I won't miss it. I really enjoyed season 1, and season 2 has been well done, but I think they went a little too big with it, losing sight of the individual stories that made season 1 so compelling.

The conspiracy is frightening, because I can see it as possible in real life. Much more possible than direct invasion or a new Hitler taking over the U.S. (as has been suggested lately with the new gun laws being debated).

And I'll miss Skeet Ulrich, who I just discovered. I hope he and the actress who plays Heather get something for next fall. They have talent (even though Skeet didn't act much different than he did in Miracles).


Looking forward to April and May for a whole buncha reasons, now!

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