Friday, September 26, 2008

And the Awesomeness Continues

I wasn't expecting to like last night's episode of Supernatural as much as premiere. The premise had potential to be lame, and come on, how can you beat shadow wings? And Misha Collins?

So I was thrilled that I loved it just as much.

I loved the brothers debating the whole angel thing--amusingly, without bringing up the LAST time they debated the whole angel thing. I loved the pie. I loved how the spirits of Meg and Henricksen and Ronald had pure logic about how Sam and Dean have failed them, yet were also unfair. Meg's demon and Lilith and Ronald himself (and the shifter and the police/FBI) were the responsible parties. But they were hard to argue with.

I loved Bobby's little girls. So heartbreaking, and excellent performances.

I loved the whole pie thing, and Bobby's panic room, and his Giles moments (ref. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I TOTALLY love the way they're handling the religious mythology. Bobby saying the widely distributed version is for the tourists, but basically Revelations--that's moving it into the realm of legend, making it bigger than any particular religion.

I stay away from broad fandom discussions. My little group of insanely obsessed passionate fans is eclectic--we have churchgoing Christians, Jews, athiests, and people whose religious affiliation is unknown to me, and we all love the show equally and can have intellectual discussions about it without ranting or attacking. But apparently there are people out there who get really offended when the show "bashes" their chosen religion.

I just want to say that portraying a few "bad" witches or a few "bad" Christians or a few flesh-eating pagans is not even CLOSE to condemning the entire group. Acting like that's what they're doing is like bashing sitcoms for saying all moms are shrews and all dads are fat idiots.

I'm excited about the exploration of this mythology and invite anyone who wants a non-religion-bashing discussion to head on over here! I'd be delighted to discourse!

Some other thoughts:

I want to thank either Sera Gamble or Jared Padalecki, whomever is responsible (whether it was in the script or ad libbed) for having Sam say thank you when Bobby handed him the paper to draw the brand. One of my biggest pet peeves is that people don't ever say thank you on TV. Granted, this was a toss-off, not a favor or a compliment, but it was still nice to see. Keep up the good work.

Sam sleeping. The way he has his head turned all the way to the side, and his arms draped across his man has ever looked so appealing asleep. I'd brave morning mouth to wake that up.

Speaking of sleeping...Bobby's house is huge. Why weren't the boys in an upstairs bedroom? I get that maybe they felt too vulnerable and wanted to stay near the witness-banishing tools/fire. But Dean didn't look very comfortable--not even a pillow!--and where was Bobby?

I felt so bad for Castiel. I kept licking my lips for him. And he lost 6 of his brothers. And Dean's both all "why me? no way" and "hey, what about me?" practically in the same breath. I'll be glad when he reaches the point where he can turn the focus outward. It stands to reason that he's not there yet. But he will be, and I'm looking forward to it.

One last thing: I saw some preview pix earlier in the week and was all excited about Dean being in a t-shirt again. Not that I didn't love the tight long-sleeve shirt (with hanger nipples in the shoulders!). But apparently they shot a lot of stuff that didn't make the cut, or they took photos of rehearsal, because not only Dean, but Henricksen was dressed differently in the kitchen. I'll be looking at preview pix with skepticism from now on.

Bring on the time travel!


Victoria said...

I'm here for the non-religion bashing discussion! :)
(I just want to say that portraying...condemning the entire group. Acting like...bashing sitcoms...)(html italics wouldn't work for some reason)
I love the way they're handling it as well. I also loved the way the spirits dug into them. Meg telling Sam he was a monster, Bobby's obvious guilt at not being able to save the creepy/fantastic little girls, Dean wanting to talk to Ronald and the way Hendrickson piled on the guilt at what they suffered from Lilith.
Sam sleeping = Squee! And poor Dean without a pillow.
I'm really loving Castiel. He's really trying to be patient with Dean, but at the same time reminding him that he can put him back in Hell. Loved it!
Great post! Great episode!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm here for the non-religion bashing discussion! :)

Yay! :)

Yeah, the tailoring of the attacks, making them mental as well as physical, was well done. Someone questioned why these spirits played with the guys, when the others didn't, but I contend that we don't know they didn't. We don't know how long that ghost held Olivia's insides before she killed her, or what they said to her. The guy they found (on screen) had obviously fought some. I think it's likely that they did play with them, too.

Plus, Sam and Dean are "special" to Lilith. She might have instructed their witnesses to be brutal, drag it out.

Castiel is like a loving but disciplining parent. He totally channeled Bill Cosby for a moment. :)