Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thursday Things

Things I Don't Like About Thursdays

1. Getting up early.

2. Paying bills.

3. Thursday errands take time away from whatever else I have to/want to do.

4. The day goes reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy slowwwwwllllyyyy.

Things I Love About Thursdays

5. It's always been the quietest day of the week, in any job I've ever been in. Quiet days can be boring, depending on the job, but they are usually a huge relief, and very productive.

6. Good mail! I usually get a magazine and/or Netflix disks, a little junk, and NO bills.

7. No running around at night (most weeks). Soccer practices are all done, we don't do dance class anymore...that means everything is more relaxed, from homework to dinner to bedtime to TV.

8. I actually like my Thursday errands, which are usually library, comic book store (usually nothing for me, but I like doing something that makes J smile), post office (which may have something cool in my box but usually doesn't), oh, and a café mocha at my favorite coffee place. You know, Whipped Cream Delivery System number one. :)

9. Payday! Every other week, anyway.

10. It's Thursday! Which means...duh...Supernatural is on! This time of year, it's ALWAYS new, and ALWAYS great, and ALWAYS makes me super happy.

Thursday is my favorite day of the week!


Vicky B said...

Gee, I've noticed that "getting up early" seems to be at the top of your list for most days. :)


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yeah, kind of a theme there. LOL

I'm not a morning person. :)

Victoria said...

It goes at the top of my hate list, too! I'm definitely not a morning person!
But, yay, only 6.5 hours until Sam and Dean time!!

Ava Quinn said...

1 hour 45 minutes! Yippee!! Even though I only really listen to it.