Monday, September 08, 2008

It Wasn't Supposed to Be This Hard

So yesterday was one of the best days of the year, and one of the worst.

Football season started! Woo hoo!

Tom Brady got hurt. Boo hoo.

Rumor has it that it's an ACL tear, though that rumor was spreading before he had today's MRI, so no one really knows for sure what it is. If that is the injury, he's out for the season. My first reaction to that was "great, now I'm not going to watch" but that's ridiculous. I don't watch for Tom Brady. And sure, the very faint possibility of repeating last year's undefeated season adds some excitement, but I'm totally spoiled. Most teams don't have that. Most teams don't feel, the day of the first game, absolute confidence that they'll win their division. So now we just have a new kind of excitement. The excitement of true challenge.

Even with Matt Cassel replacing Brady (and he played very well), the game shouldn't have come down to the last play. Our defense did fine, and our special teams really could do a lot better--but "fine" and "needs improvement" won't cut it for long.

But we won the Superbowl the first time with an untried backup, and we can do it again. I say "FIE" to all the pundits saying to stick a fork in the Pats. We are so not done.
Enough football. Have I mentioned that I have a new release? I think I have failed in that responsibility.

Letting Go I loved the idea of a May/December romance, even though "cougars" and young male boyfriends are all the rage. My heroine is far from a cougar. She's just a regular mom who's way too focused and really needs to let go.

Here's the blurb:

Single mom Samantha Pearson lives for her son, who's about to come home from college for the last Thanksgiving before graduation. But a snowstorm strands him at the airport, while Samantha is trapped in her house for days with his best friend and roommate Zack, a sexy twenty-two-year-old charmer whose flattering flirtations first embarrass her, then stir something forbidden deep in her soul.

What Samantha feels for the young man is utterly taboo, and she's determined to fight her growing attraction. But Zack, who fell for her the moment they first met, is equally determined to give Samantha all the pleasure and relaxation she never takes for herself...

You can read excerpts here and here and buy here. It's already available at ARe and soon to come at Fictionwise and for the Kindle.


Tracy Madison said...

Oooh, Natalie--the book sounds wonderful! I love May/December romances too.

Anonymous said...

Nice Natalie! I can feel the heat of the build up in just that little excerpt. Looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Loved the nods to writers we know! Nice touch!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Thanks, Tracy and Mandy!

It was fun making that nod, but it's also risky. Now I have to try to find ways to mention other published friends in other books! LOL