Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last TV Post (This Season)

I still have some Dresden Files and Raines recorded to watch, and I'll have some TV on DVD this summer from Netflix, but I don't expect to really post about them. I won't PROMISE, though. :)

Hopefully I can come up with other things to talk about.

The Internet is good and bad. Good because I have a place where I can vent all my thoughts and feelings about something and have the illusion that it's a conversation (my husband sure appreciates it). Bad because I start thinking about what Internet Peoples will be saying about something I loved, and then I start nitpicking it to death. Usually in the shower. Like today, with Lost.

Lost had, by far, the best finale of the season (of the shows I watched, of course, but I would be willing to bet it beat everything else, too). Yes, it even beat Supernatural, as awesome as that was. If I could only have one I'd choose SPN,

My nitpicking was mainly about Charlie, which is amusing because his performance was second only to Jack's. How heroic can a guy be? (We'll get to Hurley in a moment. *g*) I loved his wisecracks to the tough chicks (sorry to see them die, I liked them--they can show up on SPN next season plzkthnx). I loved his willingness to die, a willingness that led him to do it even if he really didn't have to.

Here's where the nitpicking came in. I think he COULD have left the control room and secured it from outside. But then, he didn't know how much damage the grenade would do, and he didn't know how much time he had--much faster to close it from the inside and save Des so he could save the others. That was the whole point of him being there, after all. Saving the others. And then, his whole focus after that was on making sure Des knew it wasn't Penny's boat (Ben told the truth?!), not on escape.

However, I don't think he's dead. They showed us his acceptance, his giving up of the fight, but they DIDN'T show the moment where self-preservation kicks in, where he realizes, "Hey. I'm a little guy. I can fit through that window and swim to the surface." So that's what happened. He'll be back.

Shut up. He will.

So many great moments, great lines.

"I didn't believe him." I liked Tom, but I didn't believe him, either, Sawyer. Good job.

Juliette kissing Jack. I LOVE that woman. I love the lines written for her, I love her determination and implacability, I love her acting. I think she's so much better for Jack than Kate is, and I think he knows it.

Walt! I never look at the credits, so I rarely know when people are coming back. But I suspected he'd show up somehow. Very excellent that he was what pulled Locke back, whether it was the smoke monster manifesting (as implied in "The Answers" last week) or something in John's mind.

Hurley and his bus! I want to poke an in-your-face finger at all the people who whined about filler episodes back when Hurley found the bus and talked about hope. Not only was the bus tied in a very important way to Ben, it was Hurley's redemption. It broke my heart when both Charlie and Sawyer shredded his feelings to keep him safe, but he found a way, anyway. Woooo hooooo! He plowed that guy down! And Jin/Sawyer/Bernard lived!

Okay, now for the game-changer. They did that so well. I noticed that Jack's cell phone was far too new for the flashback and was disappointed in the show people's lack of attention to detail. I tried to think it meant that Jack's bottom point wasn't too long before he went to Sydney, but it didn't quite work. Still, I didn't figure out it was the future until he called Kate at the end. Actually, until we could see it was her.

So what does it mean? Why did Locke tell Jack he wasn't supposed to do this? Is the future irrevocable? It got me thinking about them maybe staying on the island. Does anyone have that compelling a reason to leave? They have resources, though now that the EMP took out the beacon, they can't get off the island and come back, and can't get resources in.

Is Dharma coming back? Is that who's on the boat? If so, will the 815ers and the Others band together against them? If Dharma's been looking for the island and hadn't been able to find it, how the hell was there a supply drop? Is it NOT Dharma? Someone else?

Ben is the most awesomest villain. His willingness to go along when he's losing is so refreshing. "Alex, this is your mother." Yet he says it with absolutely no defeat in his voice. And his hair rocks. :)

I know people get tired of getting more questions even as we get answers, but that's what a serial show IS. You can have your neatly wrapped CSI and Law and Order clones and I'll keep being excited every week, instead.

Well, come February, anyway.

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