Thursday, May 03, 2007

Supernatural Squee

Okay, let me just get this off my chest.

Sam in a warmup jacket WTF! LOL He looked so dorky in those jackets.

I know the fandom will be in an uproar. Dean hugged every-friggin-one except Sam.

I LOVED that he bodyslammed Jessica, he was so happy that Sam had her. It made him happier than anything for his mom to be alive and his brother to have the life Dean feels he was supposed to have.

Soooo many funny moments. Jensen Ackles has amazing skill with expression. When Carmen came out of the bedroom and tried to get him to go back to bed and he was all horny!Dean but only for a second, because confused!Dean wouldn't let go, even for long enough to have sex.

There were certainly enough tear-inducing moments, but the one that really got me was after Dean stole that one knife (yeah, that will get him out of debt!) and left Sam behind, and Sam got in the car, willing to go with him, to try to help him, despite their estrangement.

I was expecting, in the "intervention" where they were all begging him to stay, and he said he'd die, for him to point out that if he dies, Sam is alone and vulnerable to whatever is coming. I've decided that I'm glad he didn't. WE know, and HE knew, and that's enough.

I loved that it was so sunny and light through most of the episode. Dean's even more handsome in the sunshine. They somehow made Sam seem smaller. The warmup jackets helped, I think. LOL But he was more the boy he was at the beginning of last season, much less the big, hulking, confident, intimidating man he's become. Kind of amazing, since it's not like they pad his jackets or anything.

I loved that they both wore short-sleeved shirts a lot, and tight long-sleeved shirts, and the jackets only sometimes, and we even got a moment of shirtless!Dean. The episode would, of course, have been awesome without that, but it's like the flowers on the icing on the cake. :)

The writing was so good, with so much subtext. Despite his frequent protestations that he doesn't want to be a hero, that he hates the sacrifices they've made, that he wants a real life--everything in his wish was about others. Sam was getting his law degree and was engaged to the woman he loved and oblivious to the darkness. His mother was alive and loved and happy. Interesting that his father was still dead, like he can't erase the bitterness and anger he has so he left him dead, but made it a peaceful, painless death. But Dean himself--thief, slacker, self-centered...he made himself unworthy of the happiness he wants. How much more heartbreaking can that be? In the wish-world he created, he remained aware of the consequences of that alternate life, and he believes those people deserve life more than he deserves happiness.

INCREDIBLE transition when he stabbed himself, from wish!Sammy to real!Sam in the warehouse. Sam's relief at Dean coming out of the catatonia. I was thrilled that Sam was going to be the one to kill the bad guy for once, but noooooo, they had to revert to "formula" and let Dean break away to save Sam yet again. I'm not complaining, really, there was nothing wrong with it, but I'd like to see Sam save the day for once (as I typed that I realized he has, more than once--the SWAT guys whose clothes he stole, Gordon--so it's not really formula that he doesn't).

I did wish there'd been a few more minutes available (and actually, there were, the ep finished at about 56 minutes). When the djinn was trying to put his hand on Sam's face, how cool would it have been for him to succeed, just for a moment, and launch Sam into his own wish? A few minutes of contrast between his and Dean's would have been pretty cool.

In an interesting coincidence, I'm on book 3 of Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series, which feature Djinn of all sorts. Very different from the djinn in the show, of course, but the timing is weird.

Okay, what did I forget to mention? Squee along with me!


MJFredrick said...

I will definitely squee with you!!! I LOVED it! You're right about Dean not wishing for much for himself, working at Dad's garage, but having a hot chick. I loved that he had the Impala.

I REALLY wished Papa had been alive though. Wouldn't it have been fun to see him happy and in love with Mary? Okay, maybe just for me ;)

Trish Milburn said...

Squee!! :) I just loved last night's episode. So much emotion. I loved how happy Dean was to mow the lawn. LOL. And then in the wish world when Sam talks about how Dean stole his date to the prom, and Dean's like, "Yeah, that actually sounds like me."

I too wish we'd get a big hero episode for Sam. I heart Sam.

I love Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series. I've read the first two.

Victoria said...

I'm in on the SQUEE!!
I loved so much about this episode! Funny, heart-wrenching and so much Dean! Sammy did do his "bitchface" and that was sweet. And I loved that Dean's wishes were more for others than himself. It was interesting that Papa Winchester was still dead, but had died peacefully.
I loved that everyone kept asking Dean if he'd been drinking. And that his "wife" was really the girl from the beer ad.
Why don't I have TiVo?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I read in the TV Guide, Mary, that JDM wasn't available for the episode. I thought it was almost more right this way, but hell, yes, I would have cried to see him happy with Mary.

Dean mowing the lawn FTW! (I'm getting used to this Internet-speak LOL) I love that line of Dean's about the prom! I'm on book four of WW, and I think I liked 3 the best so far. I would have given 1 a ten except I wasn't thrilled with the ending. Will definitely get the rest of the series as it is released.

Oh, yes, V, about Dean drinking! LOL And his reaction to it. And THAT was what I forgot--the saddest moment for me was when he realized his girlfriend was the model from the ad. Speaking of photos--I thought the photoshopping was unusually obvious, but after it was clear it was DEAN's construction rather than the djinn's, it's also clear the the photos looked weird on purpose. They were Dean's construction, cobbled-together symbols of what he would have wanted their lives to be, but showing his awareness that it just isn't real.