Saturday, May 05, 2007

Random Stuff

I just picked up the first issue of Supernatural: Origins, the comic book prequel to the show that picks up right after Mary's death. It also has a short vignette, a piece of the boys' lives as they are a bit older.

It was okay. The art is fine, but doesn't look like the actors at all. The story doesn't go very far or tell us much we didn't already know. I'll still be getting the second issue, of course. I don't know how many they'll be, ultimately.

The surprising thing is that there was only one copy on the shelf! I'm sorry Misty and Vicki. I ordered three more copies and will go get yours when they come in, if they do. If not, I'll give you your money back and we'll just circulate my copy. :)

Today was free comic book day. I've never seen the place so packed. Some idiots were standing in front of the "free comic" counter READING the damn things, blocking them so Number Two and all the rest of the kids there couldn't see what was available. Jerks.

And did I mention they were SOLD OUT of Supernatural: Origins?

Went to see Spider-Man 3 yesterday. I liked it a lot, and even convinced myself I liked the things I didn't really like. I laughed at them, some really hard, so I figured I liked them. But...

What I loved, though:

Harry's arc

The bookending action sequences with Peter and Harry, at the beginning and ending of the film.

The acting, all around, but especially J. Jonah Jamison's scenes. Topher Grace was excellent, Thomas Haden Church was complex and poignant, and Bryce Dallas Howard needs to do more good movies because she's my favorite actress. She was so different than she was in The Village. I was disappointed she didn't have a bigger role.

I won't say the one thing I was much less happy with here, but will advise to avoid the comments if anyone doesn't want spoilers, because I will say it there, should it come up.

All in all, a good start to a potentially exciting summer movie season.

Trish posted, in her 8 things from yesterday's tagging, that she's never had a ticket. I will admit that I have had more than one. None from age 17 (when I got my license) to about age 22, 23. And none for the last eight years. But I think I've had three speeding tickets, one for rolling through a stop sign, and a warning for running a red light. I don't know if I've gotten better as I aged, or luckier.

One thing I was going to post yesterday but forgot was that when I am not writing something new, my dreams are affected. It's worst when I'm not working on any writing at all, but it happens when I'm editing, too. They are rich, deep, eventful, vivid, epic in scope, and very, very active. I wake up feeling like I lived everything that happened. Quite often something that has a powerful effect on me, usually TV or a movie, will infiltrate the dream, but not always. Details are very strong, and I can often (but not always) remember everything that happened.

When I am writing something new, my dreams are "normal." Superficial stuff drifting through, barely touching me, quite often related to something in my life rather than my imagination.

So the best thing for me is to never stop writing. Otherwise, the creativity gets all backed up. :)


Victoria said...

No biggie on the comic book! :)

On the dreams: Oh holy crap, that's me too!
Weird, intense and totally crazy dreams that don't stop until I start writing new again. I had one last night and it involved "Jurrasic Park", rain, and police officers.
Hurry up Retreat!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Sounds scary!

MJFredrick said...

See, I disliked Spiderman 3 till the end. Though the editor's pill scene was a hoot. And Topher was awesome.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yes, I loved the pill scene!

My favorite part was Harry's arc. That trumped everything for me.

My least favorite was Peter's takeover by the alien ooze.

And I was bummed that the ending was on a downer, after the exhilarating action before it, the partnership between Harry and Peter. That section made me forget anything that was just meh.

I always disliked MJ so I kind of ignored her.