Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Veronica Mars

I started watching VM on DVD in the fall, catching up to season three early-mid season. Watching it all at once gives a very different perspective on a show than watching on a TV schedule does.

I admit, at first, I didn't love it. Some of my comments at the time:

It began with a huge, huge, annoying cliché (people you love always let you down). And PUH-LEEZE! It wasn't enough that her boyfriend dumped her without reason, her best friend was murdered, her father lost his job, her spoiled, stupid friends ostracized her and her mother left. No, she has to be date-raped, too. Toooo much.

I was also pissed that Troy turned evil out of the blue. But I loved the smartness of the writing and repartee, the fearlessness of the main character, and all of the supporting cast. By the time Logan fell for Veronica, I was totally hooked. I marveled that someone so loathsome in the first half of the season could have become so redeemable.

One good thing about not being joining a show's cult is that it is much less likely to disappoint you in the third season. I've enjoyed it almost as much this season. It wobbled at first--making Veronica stupid when it suited the plot, and marginalizing Wallace and Mac way too far--but found its legs eventually. The last two episodes since it returned from a way-too-long hiatus were excellent.

I'll admit it--I love Piz. I love Logan, too, but it was getting repetitive. And I'm not thrilled that they are doing this whole "did Veronica cheat on me when we were together?" thing because whether it's because he wants to feel less guilty or because he's a hypocrite, it sucks. Please just continue making them comfortable with each other as friends, and move on.

But back to Piz. I love nice guys. I know that's odd for me to say after I gushed about bad-ass Peter yesterday, but I like non-badass Peter, too. And Piz is just a wonderful blend. He's a nice guy but not a dork. He's cute but not too much so (wouldn't mind seeing the abs he flashed in Grey's 2.0, man!). He likes Veronica but doesn't pine over her, and acts normally around her. He's confident in himself, which is so sexy. The best line last night was when he called her and she stumbled over her "I know I kissed you--a lot--the other night but let's just be friends" speech and his response was a slightly acidic "I know, I got that. Not why I'm calling." LOVE!

So this show is not only on the bubble, it's been on the verge of popping for months. But Gilmore Girls is officially ending and the PTB reportedly loved the trailer the producers showed them for their proposed fourth season. Rumors about about what's going to happen. I'll be happy if it comes back no matter what the incarnation, but...

They said they might change the title. I don't get that. Do they want to eliminate all their casual viewers who don't read Ask Ausiello and start from scratch? That doesn't seem smart.

Rumor is that they are definitely flashing forward post college and sticking VM in the FBI. I'm unsure if that means she'll be a trainee or a full-fledged agent. Either way is fine. I don't need the college years. The premise retains the brilliance and cleverness of the character while pitting her against new challenges (hopefully not in the wobbly way of early this season, though).

My biggest concern is that they will do away with ALL the current characters surrounding La Veronica. Okay, they can replace Cliff and Vinnie and Weevil with similar amusing/appealing characters (Cliff and Weevil haven't been around in a while, anyway). They can PROBABLY find decent new characters to fill holes left by Mac and Piz and even Logan and Wallace.


There is no TV father cooler than Keith Mars. If he goes, I will have very low expectations for the revamped series. But I guess we'll just have to see.


Trish Milburn said...

See, I don't like the idea of doing the whole change to the FBI thing. Part of what I love is the setting and the surrounding cast of characters. I'd even miss Dick. He's some funny comic relief sometimes, and I'm just itching for him to somehow be redeemed.

I too think Daddy Mars is fabulous. The father-daughter relationship has been one of the highlights of this show.

Natalie said...

I don't disagree with you, really, Trish. I guess I just see change being better than cancellation, and even "change" means the same show-runner and writers, so I'm open to the possibility that they can pull it off.

But one of the biggest complaints I saw was that beloved secondary characters were missing, and if they ALL go away, it will be a case of getting rid of your existing viewers to try to get new ones, and that's never a good strategy.