Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Roller Coaster Day

The CW Upfronts were announced this morning, and Veronica Mars is completely gone.

I'm bummed.

I watched this week's show today while I wrapped prizes for Saturday night's Romance Family Feud. I liked it, except for Veronica being completely and totally oblivious to Piz's feelings. That makes me not like her as much.

I also watched Lost. It has been a very long time since any show made me really cry. I "awwww"ed at the first, distance shot of Charlie bent over Aaron as Aaron touched his face. Was totally absorbed in the non-Charlie parts of the show, the pacing, the connections to past bits (like the cable) and the interactions of all the characters. ("They already know, Carl. But thanks.") It shows, IMO, that they really DO have a plan and now they're following it.

Actually, this show was so tight and so connected, it made me wonder if they "flounded" in earlier episodes on purpose, to help them in their negotiations with ABC. Would producers deliberately try to lower ratings of their show to put themselves in a more powerful position? I have a feeling they did, and it totally worked.

Anyway, Charlie's flashbacks and the list were so poignant. I knew what the last one would be when he was writing the first one. I started getting teary when he told Aaron he loved him, and knew he was going to give him his ring (I thought Claire would discover it, though), and when he kissed Claire goodbye. I cried when he was mean to Hurley, then harder when he told him he loved him, and I laughed and sobbed simultaneously (truly! it was weird!) at Hurley's response.

GOD, I don't want Charlie to die.

I got to retreat just in time for a delicious dinner and a session on mind-mapping, where I got the title for a future book. I did some brainstorming to help a fellow retreater find her heroine's name, and in the process found my own.

And I got an e-mail that made me scream and drag all my friends into my room to read it. Can't tell you what it was yet. :)

Spent the rest of the evening chatting online with friends instead of writing, which makes it slightly harder to meet my goal, which is an ambitious 100 pages, but I'm confident I can get there. And have fun doing it.

Haven't watched Supernatural yet, of course. I keep saying that so no one accidentally spoils me. Misty was outside my window, though, talking to Vicki about the show after it was over (Misty likes to know what happened) and I heard her say, "So he only has a year?" I told her that had damned well better be a relative. :)

Plan for tomorrow:

Get up early. Go for energetic walk.

Eat breakfast. Settle in to write. Goal: 50 pages

Greet friends who aren't coming until tomorrow.

Eat lunch. Write some more.

Eat dinner. Watch Supernatural. Go out and celebrate. Celebrate what? Oh, I'm sure we'll come up with something. :)


Trish Milburn said...

Okay, now I am really curious about your e-mail.

I don't want Charlie to die either! I can already see where when Des wakes up though, he's going to think Charlie didn't make it, give Claire the note...sad, sad, sad...but then perhaps at the end of next season, Charlie shows up. I will be extremely unhappy if they kill him off.

Natalie Damschroder said...

I'm not going to make an official post until Monday, when I sign the agreement and send it back, but Nephele Tempest offered me representation!

Trish Milburn said...

Woohoo!! Huge congrats, Natalie!

Natalie Damschroder said...