Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What is up with these friggin' season finales?

Supernatural is the only one that's done it right.

All the others were either:

  • Boring (Heroes, Scrubs)
  • Rehashing old stories (Scrubs, Supernatural)
  • Killing off (literally or effectively) beloved characters (Numb3rs, Heroes, Smallville, Ugly Betty)
  • Turning people we love into people not worthy of that love (Veronica Mars, Heroes)
Did I miss anything?

Seriously! I watched the very last two eps of Veronica Mars tonight. Veronica single-mindedly pursuing her own ends without regard for those she cares about is par for the course. But to end the show on such a downer does a huge disservice to all the fans who fought so hard to make the show survive.

I watched Ugly Betty, too. Not only is Henry out of her life under false (and clichéd!) pretenses, a character that has been fast growing on me was murdered. Poor Kevin Alejandro! Losing both his shows! I hope he gets something really good next year. He's a very talented guy. I know this show is supposed to be a soap, but the soapy stuff is just stupid.

I can't believe they killed Santos!!!!!


MaryF said...

The best finales are LOST (though DAMN, could they have had more commercials???) and The Office. 24 was an absolute SNOOZE-fest. NEVER again.

Natalie Damschroder said...

I agree with you about Lost, Mary. I haven't watched The Office, but maybe I'll do the DVDs and start. :)

I started Lost late so I was able to FF through the commercials. Or, you know, skim them looking for Mac/PC commercials. LOL