Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Writing Update

It's been a while since I've posted about my books or anything. So here's my status, all the way around...

New Release!

This novella came out in six e-book formats last weekend. It's one of my favorite short pieces ever because it's about SethandJulian, the lead singer and keyboardist from the Blue Silver stories we did last summer.

(Check out and the new story here.)


It’s been a year since Blue Silver’s lead singer Seth Graham convinced his ex-wife Cassie to reconcile. But as the date of their second wedding approaches and Blue Silver’s success skyrockets, old problems between Seth and Cassie are twisted by new realities that threaten the fragile relationship they have rebuilt—

Especially when Seth’s fears manifest in sexual dreams...about his fellow rocker and best mate, Blue Silver’s keyboardist Julian Manchester...


Book on the Way
The book my agent, Nephele Tempest, will soon be shopping around is called The Color of Courage. It's a superhero book, but not in a comic book way. These superheroes don't have secret identities and bright fancy costumes. But they do have a nemesis, one determined to see them destroyed. And my heroine is caught between a man who doesn't want to love her, and one she probably can't trust.

Books in the Works
Under the Moon is ready to go. The heroine is a modern-day goddess who gets her power from the moon. When it's full, she can do nearly anything, within the limits of her body's ability to channel the energy. When it's new, she is unable to access it and therefore vulnerable. Enter her protector, a man she's spent a week with every month for fifteen years, and her assistant, who keeps her on track in both her business and her personal life. The three band together against the leech who is stealing goddess power and who has made her his next target.

Unbreakable is nearly done. It needs one final read-through. This one is a bit more straightforward romance, but also mucho adventure. For nineteen years, the heroine has been trying to keep her daughter safe from the unknown enemy that killed the child's father. Now, just when she's finally letting down her guard, thinking maybe the threat is no longer there, it resurfaces. And the only person she can trust may be working for her enemy.

My newest book is called Hummingbird, which is a security company "so large, successful, and secret that everyone knew about them." The hero gets a brief mention in The Color of Courage and he captured my imagination. After nearly being killed on a job, he is the recipient of new medical technology that can revolutionize the industry. That makes him a target, as it does the boss's daughter, who is responsible for find one of the compounds that remade him. It's in the early stages, but I'm having fun with it.

In the "don't worry, you'll never run out of ideas" department, I have percolating a sequel to the superhero book, a sequel to the goddess book, and a stand-alone novel with a husband and wife who have to learn to live together for the first time during their marriage.

Wheeeeeeee! :)

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