Monday, June 04, 2007

Goals Progress, May

May was a crazy month. I show signs of slacking off.

After saying we wouldn't talk about the weight, I lost a couple of pounds. Average down 7, which isn't the 22 of my goal, but hey, it's better than nothing! My pants, which are always snug out of the dryer and way loose by the time they go into the laundry basket, are now not so snug. Kind of amazing. Would be a good feeling if I weren't walking around with baggy-butt all the time.

I skipped 5 days of exercise in May, and some of the days I counted were barely acceptable. I'm still ahead, though, and another amazing thing--after doing a couple of weeks with no weight training and only 15-minute walks most of the time, I expected to be weaker going back into the gym. Not only was I stronger (leg pressing 200+ now!), but my cardio is better. I used to hit 168 with the pulse meter on the treadmill. Now, even at higher speed and incline, I'm not getting above 145. I guess sometimes you need to slow it down a little, let your body solidify after the previous hard work.

I read 8 books in May. But I am down 4.5 from my goal. That will be hard to make up. Not because 4.5 books is so many, but because I can't seem to read any faster/find more time. I'm tempted to spend this last week of school reading instead of writing. (Gasp! Don't tell!)

Speaking of writing...

22,435 words for May. Short of the 29,167 per month I should have. And I'm now in a full-goal deficit of 30,416. Most of what I wrote in May was nonfiction projects. I didn't say at the beginning of the year that my writing goal was only FICTION words. :) And if I wasn't doing the copywriting I would have more fiction words. But for the first time, I'm thinking it's possible I won't make my goal! And that's just unacceptable.

No progress on the household goal yet. Probably July we'll get started, I think.

So how many of you who did set annual goals are keeping up with them?


Vicky B said...

I'm meeting my goals, but barely. At this point, I believe burnout is settling in so I need to kick start myself and get moving - literally and figuratively. You've set the bar high and, competitive person that I am, I need to get there. :)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Well, first, I'd tell you not to let my progress have any affect on your efforts, but I don't like the name Pot. Or Kettle. :)

And I think if you're burning out, you need to slow down a little or risk flaming out, which is more painful. :)