Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things in My Office That Probably Are Not In Yours

1. A Coaster With Texas On It

2. A License Plate With My Name On It

3. A Lord of the Rings Puzzle

4. A Poster of the Double SuperBowl Cover of Patriots Football Weekly

5. A Handmade Quilt With My Picture (and family photos) On It

6. Genuine Original Foxboro Stadium Dirt

7. Jack from Lost (Christmas present from J)

8. The Cover of My First Book, Framed

9. A Collage of Stuff Related to My Birth (in England)

10. A Very Sweet, But Very Dumb Dog

11. Fred, My Non-Paranormal Muse

12. Merlin, My Paranormal Muse

13. Lots

and Lots

and Lots

of Legolas!

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