Sunday, June 10, 2007

The End of the Insanity

It wouldn't be completely true to say I'm not a people person. I can spend all day interacting with friends online. I have family and friends I love to spend time with. But the energizing effect of being with any of those people is very finite. Being surrounded by dozens to hundreds of people in varying levels of crowded and/or loud conditions is incredibly draining. Being unable to find time alone, moreso.

Thus is the last week of school the worst of the year for me. It's not like any of it is difficult or anything. It's just a constant drain with no replenishment.

But it's all over now. Rehearsals and dance recital are done, with no significant hitches. Soccer games are finally over, though we're already focusing forward on preparation for the fall season. House guests have waved goodbye and headed home. And in two hours, my kids will be asleep.


I did get a small recharge last night, after a pretty cranky day. I went with my father and husband to see Ocean's Thirteen, which was pure delight. I didn't dislike the second movie, though it definitely had replaced the crisp winkiness of the first movie with a smug self-congratulations that diminished it. This new one, though, returned, as much as any sequel can, to the tone and fun of the original.

For someone who has seen Ocean's Eleven many times, this one is a bit easier to read. But knowing where it's going doesn't make it any less fun to get there. Predicting who people really are or why they are there is part of the charm. The relationships are as comfortable, and even more important, given the reason they are all together. I heartily recommend this film, especially if you hated the last one.

Tomorrow is the real start of summer vacation. I have 210 pages to write by July 7, and I'm determined to start by reading through and revising the 90 pages I've already begun. Wish me luck!

And luck to all of you, working or not, who are home with their kids all summer.

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