Friday, June 29, 2007

Random Friday

I think I've now missed three Thursday Thirteens in a row. Perhaps the reason I have is that I have been planning to list 13 books you should read, which would entail finding/downloading/uploading book covers and finding/making links, which is a lot of work and very daunting. So I'm just going to list the books I had in mind and let you find them on Amazon. I know. I'm very lazy.

Thirteen Books You Should Go Buy Now

This is in random order, with authors I know mixed in with authors I don't, and a mix of genres so everyone should be able to find at least one book they might like.

Avalon High by Meg Cabot (YA)
my daughter was high on this book so I read devoured it and LOVED it.

Dirty or Broken by Megan Hart (erotic)
Megan wondered yesterday why she doesn't write much shorter books. I'm glad she doesn't. Talk about rich--these books are the appetizer, main course, and dessert all rolled into one.

Storm Front (or any other Dresden Files book) by Jim Butcher (urban fantasy)
I recommended this to my husband months ago, and he ignored me until he had nothing else to read. He was hooked by the end of the first chapter. I am dying to get the most recent book but am trying to be a good girl $-wise.*

Akashan'te by Vicky Burkholder (high fantasy)
The Romance Studio said this is "a highly imaginative fantasy adventure filled with excitement and intrigue." My kind of story!

Any of the Ivy books by Misty Simon (mystery)
You'll laugh until you snort. And I defy you to not be able to find something of yourself in Ivy.

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (romance)
I love any books that have football players in them, and SEP is a master of dialogue.

Prime Time by Vicky Burkholder (science fiction)
I listed her books separately because they aren't in the same genre. This one is really exciting!

His Only Wife by Cathy McDavid (contemporary romance)
This one is on the shelf now--hurry before it's gone! Firefighter stories are some of my favorites, for some reason, and this one is chock full of imagery. You know, like a dozen hot, sweaty, tired, hot, muscled, tight-T-shirt-wearing Hot Shots (wildfire fighters) trouping into a community center for food, sleep, and nursing attention. Yummmmm-my!

Cradle of Secrets by Lisa Mondello (inspirational romantic suspense)
This doesn't come out until November, but I had an opportunity to read an early copy. Inspirational is a genre I usually avoid, but this book was SO good. (Which is not to imply that inspirational romances are not good, they are just not my cup of tea, so it has to be exceptional to get past my personal biases.)

Coyote Dreams by CE Murphy (urban fantasy)
The heroine's journey in this series, plus her strength and the great cast of characters around her, make me sit and do nothing but read until I'm done with the book.

*That's why my TBR pile is down to 42 books from a high of about 130.

I went to the comic book store yesterday, shocked that I had missed the June 6th release date of the second issue of Supernatural: Origins. Okay, I was a bit disappointed with the first one anyway, but still.

I am not partial to the artwork, and heard I'm not the only one, but that's not a slap at the artist. It's just personal taste. It's a bit too angular. And it seems these artists are skilled enough to be able to portray the characters more like the source material. But maybe not.

There are issues about the Impala. I reconciled them. Yes the car John and the young boys are sitting on in the pilot is the Impala. It's just not John's yet. Jacob, being a family member to Mary, would have come racing over when he was notified of the fire, right? Right.

I just watched "Home" last night and the way Missouri describes meeting John doesn't quite jive with the way it happens in the comic book, but it's close enough that we can say she streamlined it for the boys.

The storyline itself...well, the murder of Mary's best friend by a hellhound is a bit weird. But I'll roll with it. I'm hoping they do more with the brothers' relationship and the interaction of the three of them over the course of the series.

We got a piano! Number Two has been wanting lessons for ages, and J found a listing for an auction nearby that had a Blasius & Sons upright. We spent three hours in the rain, but it was well worth it, as the crowd was really cheap and we got it for a mere $90. It will cost much more than that to get it here. LOL But still less than our budget. Now to find out how much tuning it will be...

I can't believe July is almost here. July, with family visits, doctor and orthodontist appointments, swimming lessons, cup stacking camp, and some Big Events:

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release (and release party)
  • Number One's birthday, on which I shall not elaborate just in case she sneakily reads my blog
  • Hersheypark

I shall be exhausted by the end.


Trish Milburn said...

I listened to Avalon High on CD while driving to Dallas back in November. Loved it! Have you read her Mediator series? Loved it too.

Natalie Damschroder said...

I haven't read the Mediator series, though my daughter has, at least three times. I'm reading Pants on Fire right now, after reading The Boy Next Door and Boy Meets Girl. And even though those two were in a unique style (entirely e-mail messages in one, and a mix of e-mail, IM, voice mail, and memos/letters in the other), I'm finding that her characters (even the adult ones) all sound exactly the same. It's not putting me off yet, but it might eventually. :)

I also like her mystery series, and I think the voice is a little more mature in those.

MaryF said...

I've had the Supernatural comic for over a week and haven't read it. I didn't love the first one. Still, I ordered the 3rd.

I read Storm Front, and have Natural Born Charmer in my TBR.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Yeah, I'll run over to get the third, too (is it tomorrow or next week? must check). I mean, it's a total addiction, even if the drug is cut with cornstarch. :)

Natalie Damschroder said...

Dammit, they won't be out until Thursday.

Stupid holiday.