Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Woes

I don't have a lot, luckily. I mean, in the grand scheme, my woes are nothing. I have a warm house (though barely--we almost let the oil run dry by mistake), plenty of food, a tree, and enough presents to make everyone happy. Not to mention three holiday gatherings over the next week, and my family is wrapping my birthday presents for tomorrow as I type.

There is the shopping frustration, though. I managed to get everything I wanted to get for the kids. But Jim is always so hard to shop for, even with a list. I've shopped four days in a row, gone to a couple dozen places (sometimes the same place more than once) and there are still two "big" items I can't find. One will just be shifted to the birthday list (he's in February). The other I think I'm going to have to order and then wrap a picture of it or something. Phoo.

Today, I'd barely been out an hour when a migraine hit. Normally I'm lucky. My migraines aren't frequent, and sometimes the pain is no worse than a regular headache (like the one at my cousin's wedding in September). But today...WHEW! The visual disturbance was long-lasting and repeated, and the pain just kept redoubling. I cut off my shopping, asked Jim to do the groceries, and went to bed from 1 to 6. Still hurts, but my pillow no longer feels like a rock. But I didn't get any wrapping done, which means it will all be done on Sunday. My back will be killing me. (Yeah, I know, want some cheese with that whine?)

I thought there was one other thing, but my head hurts and I can't think of it. I'll stop being insufferable now.


Erica Orloff said...

So sorry to hear that. I was hit by a reckless driver about three weeks ago and still am in pain (she ploughed into my car) . . . it SO sucks when you have so much to do!!! Take care of yourself. Migraines are the pits. And remember that you all love each other and it will be a great Christmas no matter what.
Happy Holidays!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Oh, no, Erica! I hope you heal and feel better soon. What the pits!