Saturday, December 23, 2006

Interesting Birthday

This is not a whiny post, I swear it. Some things might seem like complaints, but they're not--they're simply statements of fact. :)

Usual birthday protocol:
Wake up late. Have breakfast that has been prepared for me by loving husband and kids. Open presents. Luxuriate in chores being done around me that I don't have to do. Maybe write or see a movie or something just for me. Play games with the kids. Have dinner made for me and watch while someone else does the dishes.

Wake at 7:45 to sounds of husband vomiting. Discuss his food poisoning and tell him to stay in bed. Help kids start making pancakes; end up making own pancakes. After doing dishes so there was room to cook. Which made not doing other chores pointless, so I scooped the litter and vacuumed the living room and took Number Two to the library (then, with the library closed, shopping at the bookstore with her birthday gift card that showed up this week even though it was mailed back in April). Cooked dinner, just like any other night. Didn't go to wonderful sister-in-law's party because of lingering dizziness and one-hour drive not a good potential mix.

On the plus side...
I did spend a lot of time sitting and reading. I read an entire, very long book. I finally gave up on Jim being able to get out of bed and opened my presents, which consisted of:

--Five books from my Amazon Wish List (yay!)

--Jack, the action figure from season one of Lost (heee!)

--A New England Patriots Rasta hat (I took a picture and will post it whenever I get around to going into my office)

--Supernatural DVDs!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!

And a couple of lovely cards. Oh, also got great fuzzy socks with a collection of POTC posters from my dad and stepmother, and some gift cards from my brother. He feels impersonal, but he knows me well. :) iTunes, Target, and Starbucks--sounds like an awesome day to me!

I sent the kids out to clean up the back yard, which hadn't been done in far too long. We have a big dog. 'Nuff said.

So that's my quiet, low-key birthday.

Tomorrow is wrapping while watching football, then more wrapping while watching movies after the kids go to bed. My back shall be very sore come Monday morning, but with luck, the squeals and hugs from the kids will be worth it.

To everyone who may visit here on an idle moment over the next three days:



MaryF said...

Happy birthday, Natalie! You have the same bday as my best friend Cindi! Sorry it was lowkey, but you sound like your family knows you!

Merry Christmas!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Thanks, Mary! Happy birthday to Cindi, too--I've seen you mention it on your blog. :)

My family does know me, sometimes too well. :)

Merry Christmas to you, too!