Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Top Ten Impossible Wishes for Christmas

1. End of all U.S. involvement in war and soldiers home with their families.
Who doesn't want that? Please note this is my one nod to global needs--all the others are purely selfish; I figure it's a given I want an end to world poverty and illness and so on.

2. Sam and Dean to come to my house for a visit.
Or Jensen and Jared. I'm not picky. And they should come while the Boot Squad is here, to make everyone happy.

3. Signing with the agent I've been working with for a year and a half.
It's not that this is an impossible wish overall--but since she won't read my full until after the holidays, she won't be offering me representation for Christmas *g*

4. A nice publishing contract.
I have two manuscripts under consideration, but again, the timing...

5. A blazing-fast new computer.
My current computer gets bogged down if I try to run more than two programs, and I'm the Queen of Software Multitasking (actually, I'm the Empress of Lost Hope, but that's something else entirely).

6. A new car.
A Mustang convertible would be nice, since the 2006 model year went back to muscle-car lines. But that's not practical for a lot of reasons, so I'm gunning for a Highlander hybrid with lots of convenience features.

7. A new house.
Hey, while we're on the impossible, I'd love a bigger bedroom, an office for my husband, a place where I can put the litter boxes out of sight (and smell), and closets that don't have six-inch shelves.

8. Housekeeping.
I've adjusted fine over the last six months to not getting my bathrooms cleaned and my living/dining rooms dusted and vacuumed and my kitchen floor mopped every two weeks. Doesn't mean I like it.

9. Publishing success for all my friends.
Whatever that means to them.

10. An Alphasmart Neo.
A nod to possibility. It's on here, though, because I don't really want anything that expensive. The Supernatural DVDs are enough for me this year. :)

What's on YOUR impossible list?


MaryF said...

A new car, too....an FJ Cruiser.

To be at your house when Sam and Dean come by ;)

Finding a new agent who lurves me

The housekeeping thing

A redesigned bedroom

To have faith in the publishing industry again ;)

MaryF said...

Come to think of it, Jared is probably here in town right now....come down and we'll stalk him!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Good list, Mary!

Every time I see Jared mention, or an article mention, that he's from San Antonion, I think of you! You're the one most likely of any of us to run into him. :)

If you do, make sure you say hi. I mentioned to my husband about the coming down and stalking him with you, and he was less than enthused. :)

MaryF said...

LOL on the stalking, Natalie. My son freaked out a little when I pointed out Jared's parents' neighborhood on our way to the mall last week. And I took my camera everywhere this week, just in case ;)

Natalie Damschroder said...