Monday, December 04, 2006


When I was writing The Color of Courage, my superhero book, Daley, the heroine needed a safe place to rest after being released by the police post-arrest-for-something-she-didn't-do. Her sister, Sarah, takes her to Sarah's boyfriend, Jason and is 100% confident Daley will be safe. When Jason shows Daley the guest room she can use, he says the phone is secure. She asks why it's secure, and he says:

"I work for Hummingbird."

It's a throwaway line that an editor may have me remove. Jason plays a miniscule role in the book and the section is easily replaceable by a million different options. But when I wrote that line, Daley's response was the same as mine:


Today I was doing a final proof of the full manuscript for submission. When I read that section I got the same zing, the same resonance, as I had the first time I wrote it and every time I've read it since. Today I decided Jason has to have his own book, and the first line will be "I work for Hummingbird." I have a few ideas sketched out for the story and it's already giving me that new-book excitement.

Of course, I have to finish Unbreakable, and then revise Under the Moon, and then revise Behind the Scenes, and then revise Unbreakable. And then I have at least one other idea that has been percolating before this one, and choosing which one is next will be difficult. But I can't help embracing this falling-in-love's just like finding out you're pregnant.*

God, I love my job.
*When you want to be.


Victoria said...

I wondered, and hoped, Jason would show up in another book. :)
Love your pregnancy analogy. Perfect. And you're right. Writing is like that for me too.

Natalie Damschroder said...


I'd expect people to want Trace's story, or even Evan's, or Spike's. But Jason's on about two pages of text (maybe four max).

I think that's really, really cool that you hoped that.

And thank you for the compliment. :)