Friday, December 08, 2006


I watched Studio 60 late this week. It was SO good. Yeah, yeah, it was so good because I'm a romance writer and I freakin' LOVE when a guy tricks his ex-girlfriend into an unexpected kiss, and when another guy falls in love with a woman he should be staying far away from.

I wish I'd written this line:

"If that makes you want to run, you'd better get started, because I'm coming for you, Jordan."


And it's not like Danny's all that. I mean, Bradley Whitford is fine. He's not the kind of guy you want to put on your desktop, though (well, some people might). But he played the part SO well, and so did whoever decided Amanda Peet should have a gigantic mouthful of food while he's saying this to her. It was hilarious and skin-tingling at the same time.

Also hilarious? All the Christmas tradition debunking that went on in the writer's room. I think this show is very well done.


I haven't watched Supernatural yet. There was a whole big drama about that. We have TiVo now, which is awesome, of course, it gives us a chance to record two things at once. But the problem is we get spoiled, and what happens when you have to record THREE things?

The Cleveland Browns played last night. Regular Thursday games are a new thing this season. Of course, the Browns couln't play LAST week, or NEXT week, when everything else is a repeat. So we had Smallville/Supernatural and Ugly Betty (repeat, I ditched it) and Scrubs. Can't NOT record Supernatural. Can't NOT record Scrubs. So Jim was going to have to watch the game on the little upstairs TV.

Except Number One's holiday concert was last night. At 7:30. The game started at 8:00. We HAD to record the game. And Jim really, really had to have Scrubs. And I really, really had to have Supernatural. ACK.

Well, I solved the problem. Naturally. The DirecTV guy hadn't hooked up the upstairs receiver right, so I did some wiring and fiddling with the VCR and IT WORKED. Recorded Scrubs upstairs, the rest down. Jim was happy.

But I couldn't watch Supernatural. I could probably have waited until the game was over and watched at, like, 11:30, but I've been tired so I decided to actually go to bed early instead. I can't believe it, either.

So I'm at the car dealership now (free Internet, yay!) and will watch it when I get home. Then again with Jim tonight. Shhh, don't tell him. :)


So Blogger is rolling out their new version. Now when you log on, it asks you to switch. I did, though I was concerned it might cause problems over at my other blog, The Gab Wagon, but so far, it seems nearly seamless. We'll see when I go to post. Everyone cross their fingers.

(Stop crossing your fingers. If you're reading this, it posted fine! Dorks. :)


I should be proofing my galley for Brianna's Navy SEAL, which is to be released next month (last book in the Brook Hollow trilogy, YAY!). But instead, I'm trying to come up with enough things to say to justify tagging this "random thoughts."


It's frickin' cold today.

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