Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Book List 2006, Author Analysis

I read only one book by 71 authors, many because that’s all they had out last year.

I read two books by 22 authors

I read three books by 4 authors

I read four books by 2 authors

I read five books by Robert Aspirin, almost all of which I’d read before, in preparation for a slew of new ones I hadn’t realized were out.

Regarding ratings of books by the same author:

13 times the author got the same rating for all books

12 times they differed by one point

6 times they differed by two points

3 times they differed by three or more points

Of the authors I read, 49 I will read again. Some of those are only because I have books by them on my TBR pile already, but most are authors I really would like to read again, and some I would probably have let pass by without this list. I am going to go through it again and sign up for a bunch of author newsletters or Amazon alerts or whatever I can do.

22 of those authors I don’t plan to read again. Some I might if they write a book with a story that really interests me, but I don’t expect to.

27 of them I might read again, depending. I liked them enough to, but not enough to keep track of their releases.

Next year I’m going to track how I know the author, if I do: Do I read their blog? Did I meet them at a booksigning or workshop? See them speak but they don’t know me from Adam? Do they read my blog, maybe?

I also want to track genre and why I selected a book. Again, did I see them speak? Did I get the book for free, or did a friend recommend it? Interesting things I wish I knew about this year’s books.

Tomorrow I’ll analyze the publishers/imprints from which my books came.

ETA: Well, edited before I posted, but still edited. I just realized there was a book I read that I got from the library and neglected to track. I wonder how many others there were, dammit. So I DID read 100 books! At least! Doh. It was a Bantam book, and I think I would have given it an 8 or a 9. I’ll also read that author again.


MJFredrick said...

100 books!!! I'm so impressed! I read 30 since July and I usually read pretty fast. I did set several down, though.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I often "go to bed" at 10 planning to read for a few minutes and shut the light off, then don't do it until midnight or later. I'm totally addicted to reading. And I read every single night, too.