Thursday, January 18, 2007


Dean: So, Sammy here thinks we might be able to help with your little problem. What is it?

Me: It's...uh...dragons.

Dean (eyebrows raised): Dragons.

Sam: Every culture in the world has lore about dragons. Fire lizards. Wyrms--

Dean double-takes to Sam, frowns: Worms?

Sam: Yeah. It's W-Y--look, the point is--

Dean: All right. I get it. *To me.* Dragons.

Me: Dragons.

Dean: Ah, man. Fine. Let's go. *mutters* Dragons.

Sam: It gets funnier every time he says it.


Karmela said...

Methinks there's a Supernatural fanfic coming up here. :-)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Not really. I understand why people write fanfic, but I have no interest in using someone else's creations and I never read the stuff. I want the original creators/performers to give me the stories they make me long for.

This was just a bit of a dive into fantasy while I brushed my teeth last night. :)

HOWEVER, I admit, I love Sam and Dean so much they inspired characters in my NaNo book. They are NOT Sam and Dean, and the story is nothing like Supernatural, but there is definite influence there. So...

Victoria said...

That was great!
Tee Hee...Dragons.
Yay! Supernatural tonight!!

MJFredrick said...


So what did you think of tonight's epi?