Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dear Television Networks

Dear Television Networks (yes, that means you, too, SciFi--I'm not just talking to the big kids here):

The return of the season is approaching after an exceptionally long hiatus (and what's up with that, anyway? I'm almost cured of my TV habit), and I have a few things to say.

First, thank you for bringing back quality television. This season, you've even given a few of those shows a chance. I'd like to see a little more patience overall, even for shows I think are horrible, because you never know when something just needs a little tweaking or that one excellent episode to grab an audience. But you're showing signs of maturity in that regard.

Kudos, too, for your unending quest to find alternative means of delivery. Do you know how awesome it is to find my TiVo didn't record my favorite show and know I can get it from iTunes or your web site? Or that you'll show it again on Saturday? *winks at SciFi* That's vital for growing and keeping your audience, and we appreciate it.

Now, a few requests:

Please, please, PLEASE stop pasting promotional banners that take up a third of the screen during the most gripping moments of the show. No, really--don't put them up at all. It was infuriating to miss Sun and Jin's conversation because the subtitles were obscured and I don't speak Korean. It's equally annoying to not be able to see Dean's hands or Sam's legs. Your production companies do a great job filming their shows. Stop covering them up.

In the same vein, don't put moving vehicles and waving characters on the screen, either. If I want to watch those shows, I will. Keep your promos to the commercial breaks. Yes, I know I use TiVo and fast forward through those, but here's a tip--if the commercials are good, I'll watch them.

One final thing--SciFi, you can go, this doesn't apply to you. Football season is almost over *sob* but we do have three games left. Will you networks please stop flogging us with promos for your violent, mix-and-match cop shows? My kids, one of whom is only seven, watch football with me. I don't want them being forced to watch dead people, gunshots, explosions, and melodramatic non-funny quips about rape and murder. Them aside, *I* don't want to be forced to watch them, and rerunning the same promos 834 times in three and a half hours is enough to make me insane.

I know I'm one voice in millions, and mine doesn't always hail to the majority opinion. But I think these considerations will be well received by the majority of your viewers, and I thank you in advance for making the changes.

A Big Fan

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