Friday, January 12, 2007

Love Rekindled

WARNING: Spoilers abound. Seriously. Big ones. Don't read further if you watch the show and haven't seen it yet.

I love this show so much and have been without it for so long (5 friggin' weeks--it's worse than going without sex) that I was afraid my expectations would be way too high.

They weren't.

I adore Ava (Eva?). She so did not murder her fiancé,and I hope Sam's whispered, "Ava" when he found her ring was despair because she must have been taken, and not because he believes she murdered him.

Seriously, is she not the best female cast on the show since Ellen? (And what's up with HER, anyway? She totally told Gordon, or knows something about how he found out, or something. There's something really wrong there.) Anyway, Ava is cute but not gorgeous, she's spunky and brave despite being freaked out, and she made me laugh constantly.

Funkytown. FUNKYTOWN! *laughs and laughs*

Speaking of which, it's awesome that Gordon is such a smart villain, and complex. It's not impressive to defeat someone stupid (though it can be hilarious) and the tension is much stronger when the villain anticipates every move. When the only thing that kept Sam from dying was Ava's vision.

The hallmark of a good show is when you know damned well one of the only two main characters is not going to get blown up, but you're afraid of what's about to happen anyway. They did a decent job of hiding Sam's knowledge of the second tripwire, but we knew he knew. Totally saw Gordon beating up Sam. But did *not* see the cops coming, which was excellent. Very Sammy...

"It's Sam." CLASSIC!

...ahem. Anyway, calling the cops is very Sammy. These writers (and I count every one of Raelle Tucker's episodes among my favorites) know their characters very well (we'll let that character slip of convenience at the beginning of "Croatoan" go).

I expect tons of disappointment coming from the fandom regarding the Big Revelation. "He said to save you, or kill you." I knew we were building it up too big, and that we were setting ourselves up for a letdown. Consequently, I lowered my expectations and was therefore not disappointed. It wasn't huge, but it made sense that such an order—"save your brother or kill him"—would have weighed so strongly on Dean. Go back and watch the first nine episodes of this season now, with this knowledge, and see all the things that made such Dean's burden worse. Easy to dismiss "save or kill" when everything seems normal. But find out someone connected to Sam is killing...that his abilities are getting stronger...then see how the fear grows. Dean's greatest vulnerability has always been his fear of being left alone. Much, much worse than that is being the cause of it. Twice.

Anyway, I'm very happy tonight. I can't wait to watch it again. And the PROMOS! Who at The CW is writing THOSE? They're EXCELLENT. The one tonight at the end of Smallville, all black and white with a gospel song over it...and the one for next week, with the old woman's voiceover, very old-school horror movie. I can't WAIT.

Is it Thursday yet?


Victoria said...

Thursday can't come soon enough. That was one wicked trailer. Squee!
I agree 100% with everything you said. Eva was the best and didn't kill her fiance. Ellen definitely knows something more than she's saying.
The look on Dean's face when the second grenade went off? Dean's expression when Sam told him Gordon was taken care of? He knew Sam had no choice to kill Gordon, but was afraid that Sam really was turning evil. Loved it! And the cops showing up. I didn't see that coming. I'm not disapointed either. I didn't think there would be a huge reveal. What Dean did say was enough - save you or kill you.
Dang, now I wish I would have taped it!

Trish Milburn said...

I really like Ava too, and I hope somehow she's okay and Sam and Dean can save her. I think the big revelation is going to build as the rest of the season goes along until Dean is going to be faced with that save or kill choice.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yes, yes, yes, V! If you want, I can record the episode to tape for you.

Trish, Kristin of E!Online interviewed Kripke and he said just that--that as big as this reveal was, there's a much bigger one later. He also said Sam will get laid, and they're trying to talk his agent into full-frontal nudity! LOL

MJFredrick said...

Victoria, YES, the look on Dean's face when he thought Sam was dead! And the ending with the cops - Wonderful! I actually thought the secret was pretty darn big. Of all things - Dean has protected Sam his whole life and now he might have to kill him???

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I think I felt like the secret had to be external--like the reason the demons want Sam and the others (which we did kind of get, only not from Dean).

Yes, Mary, you're right. It is huge.

MJFredrick said...

I see - and yes, that would be good to know, but I can see why they're holding that info back for now.

I still haven't seen it the second time...grrr.