Thursday, January 11, 2007

Last Night's Dream

Talk about weird dreams.

First, I was at a conference with two of my closest friends, Lisa and Cathy. I only ever see them at conferences, so that wasn't weird. Except our hotel was in a mall. I understand some famous, giant malls have hotels in them, so that's not too weird, either. But the hotel room opened right on the mall, like a retail store does. It had, like, a fabric wall on the mall side, with a weird door.

So we--the three of us--were going to go to a movie. Cathy wasn't in the room, and I'm not sure if she was supposed to meet us there or what. Lisa was farting around and we were running late. I told her, rather pointedly, that the movie started in TWO MINUTES, hinting that she's better move her ass, and that I'd go get the tickets. That's the last I saw of Lisa.

I rushed through the mall--I think I saw some people I knew that weren't real people--and got to the movie theater. I bought tickets and was drawn in by some friends.

Except my "new friends" were the gang from Veronica Mars, and the most prominent person was Dick. Yeah, the least likable character on the show. And the "movie theater" was a tiki bar, with the furniture and walls made of rattan and bamboo and the beach right outside.

Then it got weird. There was something about changing into a bikini or something, and anyone who's seen me in person knows I do NOT have a bikini body. I think I kept a shirt on. And I was aware I was supposed to be meeting Lisa and Cathy, but never saw them, and instead it was all about the machinations of hooking up. I'm not sure who I was hooking up with. It was either Dick from Veronica Mars, Jack from Lost, or some random guy who was probably supposed to be a character in one of my books.

My dreams tend to get vivid and strange and leave me feeling unrested when I haven't written in a while. All week I've been focusing my time on reading what other people have written (critiques and contest entries) and have therefore not been working on my own book.

Today I made sure to write. 16 pages. Not enough to forestall dreams, but it's also a new Supernatural episode tonight, so maybe I'll get lucky and have vivid, action-packed dreams about Dean and Sam.

Mmmmm. DeanandSamDeanandSamDeanandSamDeanandSamDeanandSam.


MaryF said...

LOLOLOL - what a dream, Natalie!

Hey, the meditating might work ;)

Natalie Damschroder said...

LOL, Mary! I'll do it, either way. :)