Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where Did My Sammy Go?

I am NOT complaining. I have no problems with the New Sam. But I'm noticing some definite differences.


I noticed it last week when he was not patient and compassionate with Susan. He just sat her down, did a "look, we don't have time for comfort" kind of thing, and moved on. And it was bigtime present in his dealings with Ronald tonight. Sam is Anger and Resentment and if he was a linebacker, the quarterback would be looking for his cup every down.

No longer amusedly annoyed at girls fawning over Dean, he's simmeringly annoyed. He won't cajole or coax or soothe.

And he looks megahot in a trench coat.

There was one classic Dean/Sammy moment. First Sam stopped Dean when he was about to kill the wrong woman (though he didn't do it in the usual exasperated, protective, angsty way--he was cold and analytical about it). Then when Dean was getting his ass kicked and Sam just curled himself around the woman, holding her like she was going to put herself in harm's way (ha!). Then Dean told him to get her out of there. That's the classic--Sammy saves the innocents, Dean kicks ass (though he got his own pretty well kicked first).

Then Sam clocks a couple of SWAT members, the elite of fighting forces. Whoa, Sammy.

So, overall, I liked the episode. I was totally expecting the shapeshifter to be Sam or Dean, calling it every two minutes: "That's not Dean! Oh, wait." There was a lot of pain in this one, with Ronald dying, the agent upping the stakes to Dean on the phone, and the "we are so screwed" as they left in the nondescript, common, blends-in-on-any-street Impala (that's sarcasm, in case you can't tell *g*). It makes me look forward very strongly to the upcoming "funny" episode the boys have been talking about.

Also, the one where Sam has sex.


MaryF said...

I was thinking the same thing about the Impala, but they CAN'T get rid of it!!!!! Can they???

I really liked the episode, too, but now the stakes are REALLY upped. And who WAS that FBI guy?

Natalie Damschroder said...

They can't get rid of the Impala without needing other transportation, and stealing cars would just make things worse. And getting rid of the Impala would be, like, getting rid of Sam. So no, I don't think they will.

Might be a good idea to get new plates, though. :)

I've seen a bunch of talk about the FBI guy. He's been chasing them for "weeks" which probably dates back to The Usual Suspects, for obvious reasons. Someone pointed out he knows too much and got there too fast for the time frame he's been on the case, so the thought is that whoever was responsible for siccing Gordon on Sam is also responsible for feeding info to the FBI guy.

Victoria said...

What you said about the FBI guy makes sense. They can't get rid of the Impala - that would be so wrong.
Like the new Sam. I felt bad for poor Ronald though.
I was doing the same thing you were with wondering who the shapeshifter was. I kept thinking I had it figured out.
The "We are so screwed" line killed me! I can definitely say I'm looking forward to a lighter episode myself.
Where did Dean get the handgun? They made a point of letting us know they went in unarmed (except for the knife), then when they open the vault Dean has a handgun. Did I miss something?

Rose said...


I don't watch Supernatural but I've a friend who is crazy about it. She does the spoilers for a spoiler site and she gets most of the spoilers from one of the producer/writers. but since I don't watch this show I never pay attention when she is talking about it.

Actually I just wrote to you to share a video clip that surfaced on the net. Its from last weeks "Lost" panel at "The Critics Association" its a spoof for the last episode of "Lost" its pretty funny. Kate,Sawyer,Henry Gale, and Sayid participated in the spoof.

anyway here it is.

Don't forget Lost comes back on Feb 7,2007 at 10 pm.


Natalie Damschroder said...

V, the gun was actually what made me say "that's not Dean" at first, but then he had the guard with him so I'm sure he took the gun from the guard. It was a dinky, old-looking pistol so I'm sure it was the guard's. They wouldn't have let him keep it.

Ooooh, thank you, Rose! That's awesome! I'll go check it out!