Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Goals Progress, January

Today was a really good day. It was sunny, and I wrote 59 pages in about 6 hours of work. A new record for me. I can maybe finish the book tomorrow. Definitely Friday, but if I finish tomorrow I can celebrate with Supernatural.

I know, I know, like I wouldn't watch it if I don't finish. But it won't be a celebration.

So let's see how I'm doing with my goals so far this year.

Write 350,000 words.
This goal requires 29,167 words per month. For January, I have 59,094, which is just shy of two months of work. Excellent start! I need some padding because February will be almost exclusively editing, and maybe March, too.

Read 115 books.
This one requires something like 9.5 books per month. In January I only read 7. But it was a month with lots of other reading commitments:

--Critiqued two full manuscripts and two proposals, plus a proof-only read-through of a third full manuscript.

--Read 9 Heat Wave entries for my publisher's contest

--Read 6 Golden Heart entries

--Read 3 Entertainment Weeklies and a Romance Writers Report

I thought the critiques would slow down, but I have a new one waiting and two more on their way in the next couple of weeks. My critique group has been extremely productive lately. But the contest stuff is done, so other months should contain more books.

Exercise 300 days.
If I skip 5 or fewer days per month, I can make it. So far I've exercised 26 days and skipped 5, and my longest streak is 18 days and running. I usually walk outside, but it's been really cold so some days it's DDRE and some days it's weights.

Lose an average of a pound a week (goal: 50 lbs.).
So far, no go. I lost 4.8 in the first two weeks, and gained back all but 1.4. I thought I'd changed my eating habits at least a little, but apparently not. And the exercise isn't doing enough, obviously. I will have to increase my duration and intensity once I've built a little stamina. I'm SERIOUSLY out of shape, yo.

Dining room work.
No activity yet.

So how are you doing with your annual goals?

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