Monday, January 15, 2007

TV Trailers

Is it me, or are TV promo spots--at least, Supernatural promo spots--becoming more innovative? Even more innovative than

I submit the following as evidence:

Article A:

I bought the Johnny Cash song played over the images. The black and white rocks. The images themselves are taken from the show--past and future episodes--and other places that I can't identify. The overall effect is so engrossing, I couldn't stop staring at them.

Article B:

I almost fast-forwarded through this, thinking it was a commercial. The voiceover caught me, and then I thought it was a movie trailer. I LOVE the continuing ding of the bell over the images from next week's show.

I don't like the flickers in the first one, because though I'm not an epileptic and don't know any, those flickers always make me afraid for them. They're disorienting, too. And in both they cut too fast between shots for us to assimilate anything. But that's true of all trailers nowadays.

So ignoring that, I hope the innovation continues, and I'd love to see other networks and other shows branching out like this. ESPECIALLY during football games. You can't tell the difference between one cop show and another, because they present them all in exactly the same way.

And I care about promos during football games, as my New England Patriots are going to the AFC Championship Game! Woo hoo!


Victoria said...

I didn't see the Johnny Cash one before, but I like it. :)
The promos totally fit and reflect the show. Only 3 more days until Thursday!!
Congrats on your team!

Natalie Damschroder said...

I guess it aired earlier, though I don't watch CW regularly so I hadn't seen it. It was at the very end of Smallville on Thursday night. I saved my recording of Smallville just for that promo. :)

Yay, only three more days!

Thank you--can't wait for Sunday now, too. :)