Monday, July 02, 2007

Goals Progress, June

I have to say, June was a better month than I expected. I made it to the final round of the Samhain Publishing blog first line contest. They started with 273 entries and I'm one of the final 22. They'll invite 10 to submit next week.

Rebuilding Forever made the Amber Quill Press Top Ten Bestseller list not just in May, but in June, too.

I only wrote 8133 words, mostly nonfiction, but I did completely finish one book and did a little work on the next (and already am better in July with regard to the new book--I even put in a new word meter!).

I fluctuated in my weight over the last four weeks (by two pounds, so doesn't really count). But I only skipped two days of exercise the entire month.

I read 11 books, 9 magazines, and one unpublished manuscript. I'm only behind my book goal by 2! If I push, I may catch up this month.

No work on the dining room. But we did get a piano, which Number Two has been playing daily, despite not knowing how. :)

I'm very optimistic for July. Maybe because, as far as non-goal, non-work things go, I'm excited (Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter book, Camp Nana, present for Number One's birthday that's cool for me, too, etc.). But I also have this heightened sense of anticipation, as if good things are going to start flooding my world.

We'll see!

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