Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Friday

My brother-in-law complained that I didn't blog about his visit last week. He figured he didn't annoy me enough. Plz. He's never annoying. He's quiet and sweet and occasionally a smartass, but I like that.

If he wants me to blog about him, he has to be careful. I know the airplane story. And the minivan story. Of course, the haircut story trumps all, and does not show me in a favorable light, so maybe I should stop here.


I got my iPod back! I *heart* Apple. They got my iPod on Tuesday, and on Thursday there was a bright, shiny, not-scratched refurbished replacement on my doorstep. *hugs Rumsfeld* That's what I named it. Rumsfeld. Supernatural fans should get the reference. :)


Once in a while I'll listen to music on my iPod in shuffle mode. This is good because I then end up listening to songs I neglect, or didn't realize I had. But it can also get embarrassing, if I get caught singing "What I've Been Looking For" from the High School Musical soundtrack.

I bought the album for Number Two, honest. It's just...they watched that movie right outside my office. Over and over. And then Number Two played the CD in her room. Over and over. So yeah, I know the words. And no, I didn't skip the song.

See? Embarrassing. Best to stick to Jason Manns and Daughtry and keep my rep intact. Or, you know, not post to the world about my goofiness.


IMdB is mean.

Yesterday I was looking to see when "Tall Tales" originally aired because I'm watching the whole season again in order and I accidentally messed up the recording the first time it aired. It recorded on rerun last night. So then I clicked over to the Season 3 lineup to see if they had names for more episodes. They had the premiere air date as 4 September 2007.

I KNEW that wasn't right. But I got excited for a moment until I double-checked at The CW. Yeah, it's 4 October 2007. *sob* That's a looooong way away!


The CW is great. They have the fall schedule on their web site with an easy-access list of premiere dates for all the shows. ABC, not so much. They have the weekly schedule available, but I couldn't find premiere dates. It was 1:30 a.m. so I didn't check the other sites. I'm updating my spreadsheet so I know when all my favorite shows start.

Yes, I have a Fall TV spreadsheet. Yes, I am a total geek.


Number One talked me into taking them to a movie on Wednesday. Number Two was reluctant, so we saw Hairspray, which she was more okay about seeing (again) than Evan Almighty, Number One's choice.

I really liked Hairspray! I never saw the original or the play, so I came to it with no preconceived notions. I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 only because it has a really facile take on the issues it addressed. But the acting was great all around. Zac Efron was especially good (and wow, he's either the new Paul Newman, or he had blue contacts in). We--or at least, I--tend to have low expectations of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon vets. But he was excellent. It was probably the wardrobe.

Anyway...great acting, good music, highly recommended.


I should be writing right now. Add "coming up with random thoughts to post on my blog" to yesterday's list.

Somebody kick me.


MaryF said...

We saw Hairspray last weekend, then my son went to see it last night with a friend (yes, the girl kind, but not a girlfriend because he's going to see The Simpsons with another girl today...ANYWAY...) I really liked it, though I prefered the 1988 version. Still, it was fun to see ALL those people in it - Cyclops can DANCE, man!

I wonder if they did their own singing.

Natalie Damschroder said...

I thought they did, so I looked up the soundtrack. Yep, they did!

So...your son is playing the field, then? ;) I remember when I was a junior in high school, I was in Junior Achievement. There were two guys in my "company" who were close friends. One weekend I went to see "Secret of My Success" with Tom and had dinner afterward at Fitznuggie's. The following weekend I went to see "Secret of My Success" with Jason and had dinner afterward at Fitznuggie's. It was weird!