Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Goals Met

Tuesday Plan:

  • Work out for half an hour (weights)40 minutes, go me!
  • Write 15 pages
  • Ship iPod (*sniff* she kicked it)
  • Go to post office
  • Clean living room and dining room/dishes/litterbox/put away laundry
  • Wrap D's presents
  • Meet family for dinner/dessert/presents

Amazing how productive I am when I think you're all out there judging me. Like any of you care if I do the dishes.

Which I didn't do, but only because there weren't any. Also amazing how that happens when there are no kids in the house.

I only got 13 pages written before I had to meet them all for dinner, but the ice cream cake was melting and the kids wanted to say at Nana and Papa's for another 40 minutes, so I brought the cake home and J stayed to indulge them. Which meant I had time to write two more pages.

My plans for tomorrow are all screwed up, because after the orthodontist and swimming lessons I have to meet the Nana and the cousins in Hershey for the afternoon. I am taking my Neo everywhere and will try to get my 10 pages done between...well, everything.

I'm determined now!

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